Prison Simulator November 11 Update Patch Notes

Prison Simulator update (November 11, 2021) is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Prison Simulator patch notes, the latest update added bug fixes, gameplay changes, and improvements.

Previously, a launch day update was released with various bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Unfortunately, since the last major update, players are facing issues with the game. Today’s Prison Simulator patch will address a few of these errors.

Prison Simulator Patch Notes – November 11, 2021

-Fixed issues that resulted in players being stuck in the locker room at the start of the day

-The possibility of a riot day after day was blocked

-Implemented a changes on prisoner’s respect after a riot to reduce the frequency of the riots

-Fixed a bug that prevented going to the final event during the Evening Briefing

-Added a hint about putting the newspaper away

-The entrance to laboratory after finishing story is now blocked

-Price of selling items for prisoners has been reduced

-A lot of languages and text errors was fixed, mainly in Chinese translations

-Fixed a bug where the SPRINT and CROUCH buttons bindings were not visible

-Corrected position of the chairs in newly purchased cells

-Fixed prisoners blocking in visit room

-Fixed guard not showing up at the evening briefing after riots

-Added auto-setting of texture quality depending on hardware performance

-Prisoners now have better fighting skills in “defence quest”

Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson
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