Post Scriptum Armoured Update Patch Notes – Nov 24, 2021

    Post Scriptum Armoured update 1.7.2 released for PC (Steam) players. According to the official Post Scriptum patch notes, the latest update added new armoured system, new gamemode, meta changes and updates to the general gameplay of Post Scriptum.

    Since the last patch, players were facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Post Scriptum patch 1.7.2 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Post Scriptum Patch Notes – November 24, 2021

    Armoured Update Changelog

    Armour Overhaul

    • New driving mechanics with manual throttle and gear shifting.
    • Advanced shell penetration simulation logic. Shells can now also penetrate world objects like buildings.
    • New shell types such as AP, APC, APCBC, APCR, HVAP, APDS, APHE, APC-HE, APCBC-HE, HEAT & Shaped Charges.
    • Overhauled all game materials to be compatible with new penetration system.
    • Added new internal and external component damage model, as well as a hull break system.
    • Rebalanced all old vehicles with the new shell system.
    • New vehicle UI to suit the new system.
    • New and improved seating system.
    • Added brand new hangar for in-depth armour analysis.
    • Added new shell icons to reflect the new types of projectiles.


    • Added new Tiger 1 E model.
    • Added new Panzer IV H model.
    • Added Initial Release Tanks (Remaining tanks will be added in several future updates)

      United States

      Sherman M4A3

      Sherman M4A3(76)W HVSS (M4A3E8)

      M5 Stuart

      T17 Staghound

    United Kingdom

    Sherman Firefly

    Churchill Mk. IV


    Matilda Mk. II

    Daimler Armoured Car


    Somua S35

    Renault R35

    Panhard 178


    Panzer VI King Tiger

    Panzer VI Tiger E

    Panzer V Panther

    Panzer IV H + Skirted version

    Panzer IV D

    Panzer III F

    Panzer 38t

    Sd.Kfz. 234 Puma

    Gamemodes / Gameplay

    • Added new King of The Hill gamemode.
    • Added new Armoured Gamemode.
    • Added a cooldown mechanic to repair stations. [Community Feedback]
    • Added main base protection to LCT on Utah Invasion.
    • Hard spawns removed from all Offensive maps. [Community Feedback]
    • Defenders can now build FOBs on Offensive. Has to be more than 200m from any capture zone.) [Community Feedback]
    • All TNT explosives can now be thrown, similar to the US Satchel. [Community Feedback]
    • Rebalanced hedgehogs, it is now much harder to use them to block doorways. [Community Feedback]
    • Hedgehog cost increased from 50 -> 150 construction points.
    • Lowered the amount of free hedgehogs on FOBs from 8 to 4.
    • Removed overheating mechanics from all emplaced and vehicle MG’s.
    • Fixed Flak 36 base not having collision with shells. [Community Feedback]
    • Fixed mines being placeable on deployables.
    • Fixed players being able to place mines too close to tanks. [Community Feedback]
    • Fixed Doorwerth castle cap being too small. [Community Feedback]
    • Polish Mortar & Sapper loadout now matches the 1st Airborne version. [Community Feedback]
    • Made several server optimization passes.
    • Emplacements dig time is now based on time and not health.
    • German StG44 SL kit requirement has been increased from 3 -> 7 section members to unlock. [Community Feedback]
    • German Fallschirmjager SL now has access to FG42 kit at 9 section members.
    • All Commander and SL kits should now have access to a rifle in addition to their submachinegun. [Community Feedback]
    • Reduced tracer amount for all marksman kits. [Community Feedback]
    • Removed deployable health bar due to new UI changes.
    • Main protection now prevents weapon firing from small arms and armoured vehicles. [Community Feedback]
    • Red Zones in RAAS removed.
    • Armoured Gamemode now supports 80 players.
    • All deployables have been rebalanced, to support the new armoured system.
    • All out of bounds now have a standardised 20 second timer instead of 5. [Community Feedback]
    • Wrecks can now be blown up using TNT & HE explosives.


    • Added Layers ProvingGround Armoured 1940, Armoured 1944, Armoured 1944 Light, KOTH 1940, KOTH 1944, RAAS 1940, RAAS 1944
    • Added Layers St Mere Eglise RAAS US, Armoured 1944, Armoured 1944 Light
    • Added Layers Carentan Offensive 02, Offensive 03, Skirmish, RAAS US, KOTH 1944
    • Added Layers Doorwerth Armoured 1944, Armoured 1944 Light
    • Added Layers Driel RAAS UK 02, Armoured 1940, Armoured 1944, Armoured 1944 Light
    • Added Layers Oosterbeek RAAS US, Armoured 1944, Armoured 1944 Light
    • Added Layers Stonne Armoured 1940, Armoured 1944, Armoured 1944 Light, KOTH 1940
    • Added Layers Utah Beach Armoured 1944, Armoured 1944 Light
    • Added Layers Veghel Armoured 1944, Armoured 1944 Light
    • Added Layers Velmolen Armoured 1940, Armoured 1944, Armoured 1944 Light, KOTH 1944
    • Added Layer Grave RAAS US
    • Added Layer Best RAAS UK
    • Added new Proving Grounds map designed for tanks.
    • Added new Shooting range.
    • Fixed foliage collision on several maps to make tank driving easier. Particularly maps like Carentan & St Mere Eglise. [Community Feedback]
    • Ditches no longer collide with tanks, making traverse through ditches easier. [Community Feedback]
    • Oosterbeek lighting has been reworked.
    • Stonne lighting has been reworked.
    • Utah lighting has been reworked.
    • Grave lighting has been reworked.
    • St Mere Eglise lighting has been reworked.
    • Driel lighting has been reworked.
    • Doorwerth lighting has been reworked.
    • Carentan lighting has been reworked.
    • Dinant lighting has been reworked.
    • Best lighting has been reworked.
    • Veghel lighting has been reworked.
    • Velmolen lighting has been reworked.
    • Heelsum lighting has been reworked.
    • Arnhem lighting has been reworked.
    • Updated loading screens for most maps.


    • Added a safe mode launch option as a temporary fix for some users with Intel CPUs of the 10th generation and up, experiencing crashes on startup. (Pending permanent fix)
    • Added new StG 44 model. [Community Feedback]
    • Added new animated main menu.
    • Added a new music player to main menu.
    • Overhauled all the FX for vehicles.
    • Overhauled UI and icons to be more consistent.
    • Fixed Vickers MG on Jeep ignoring audio settings. [Community Feedback]
    • Fixed several map names in map rotation & map voting config files to make it more consistent. [Community Feedback]
    • Fixed magnetic mines being placeable on non-metallic surfaces.
    • Fixed missing grey Flak 36.
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