Police Simulator Update 3.0.0 Patch Notes – Nov.2, 2021

Police Simulator update 3.0.0 is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Police Simulator patch notes, the latest update added quality of life improvements and gameplay optimizations.


Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Police Simulator patch 3.0.0 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Police Simulator Patch Notes – November 2, 2021

  • New District: Brickston
  • New Car: Panther Z
  • New Violation: Drug Dealing
  • New Violation: Vandalism – Graffiti Spraying
  • New Parking Violation: Blocking a bus stop
  • Improvement: Handcuffing behind the back
  • Improvement: Player character locomotion updated

Game balancing

  • Increased chance of ‘Missing Profiles’ within ‘Stolen ID’
  • Increased chance of ‘Stolen Car’
  • Increased chance of NPC to stop fleeing when ordered to stop by the player
  • Reduced chance of ‘Expired ID’ in ‘Stolen ID’
  • Reduced the chance of ‘Too Loud Engine’
  • Reduced the chances of carrying illegal item, e.g. a Switchblade (thanks, DeputyNuggets)
  • Tweaked intuition feedback priorities when focusing, now intuition of more severe violation would trigger first
  • Increased number of drug dealers in the world (thank you, beta testers!)

Bug Fixes


  • During NPC interaction: Fixed an issue where player suddenly interacts with a wrong NPC
  • Fixed an issue where wanted NPC didn’t match description
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs with Fake ID can not be arrested with justification
  • Fixed an issue where intuition feedback is triggered when focusing on NPCs before reaching the crime callout
  • Fixed an issue where expired ID is sometimes not reflected correctly in background check
  • Fixed cases where sometimes calling a tow truck was considered to be unjustified
  • Fixed the issue where finding a switchblade by frisking / searching was considered to be unjustified
  • Fixed an issue where gun aim was not working correctly
  • Fixed issue where cars couldn’t be ticketed for parking in front of a bus stop when they were also in a taxi zone (thank you, beta testers!)
  • Fixed some issue with accidents spawning underground (thanks, GreeDee!)
  • Fixed an issue where pull over sign could be used on same NPV to farm points (thank you, ELF_567!)
  • Fixed an issue with Roadflares where sometimes the outline was not visible
  • Fixed an issue where in single player ending the shift showed waiting for partner countdown (thank you, ItsKapselPL & GreeDee!)
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the progress bar does not increase when interviewing crime witness NPC


Host: The player hosting the multiplayer session

Client: The player joining the multiplayer session

  • Fixed the issue where frisking/searching and finding Switchblade was giving unjustified points
  • Fixed an issue where a player can’t enter a patrol car in the next shift after the other player caused a ‘Game Over’
  • Fixed an issue where the client can’t enter co-driver seat after the host exited the co-driver seat while the player is still sitting in the driver seat
  • Fixed an issue where co-driver has no engine sound during car patrol
  • Fixed an issue where the client got completely stuck after entering police car
  • Fixed an issue where car color is different for host and client
  • Fixed an issue related to the movement of the client
  • Fixed an issue where camera tracking during interview from host applied to client and left camera stuck for client
  • Fixed an issue where location of the player from previous shift when leaving the area of jurisdiction is still displayed in the new shift
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes player could not exit the vehicle or open police computer


  • NPCs now behave more realistic when arriving at a waypoint and then choosing a new one – no more stuttering
  • Fixed an issue where a lot of NPCs are standing still in a particular alley
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs are sliding while getting into the ambulance
  • Fixed an issue where the accident NPC were standing upside down or in weird positions (thank you, EpicDarks!)
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes NPC face and neck skin tones did not match
  • Fixed some issues where wanted suspects were in unreachable places
  • Fixed an issue were drug dealers & wanted suspects never flee
  • Fixed an issue in Beta with drug dealers navigation where sometimes they did not walk and stayed at their position even after letting them go (thank you, beta testers!)
  • Fixed an issue where graffiti sprayers did not flee when patrol officer approached them when sprinting (thanks, beta testers!)


  • Fixed an issue where the patrol car might sometimes not be available in car shifts
  • Fixed an issue where an NPV crashes into an existing accident, leading to a pile-up
  • Fixed an issue where a tow truck picks a random NPV not involved in the accident
  • Fixed an issue where the player can get NPVs towed while the driver is still inside
  • Fixed an issue where a vehicle has the expired license plate intuition displayed incorrectly when focusing on the license plate of pulled-over NPV
  • Fixed an issue where the front of the police cars have a spot that opens the trunk
  • Fixed an issue where emergency lights are activated for the client if they were turned on in the previous shift
  • Fixed an issue where patrol car would disappear from game when failing the previous shift (thanks, Mirage!)
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes player could not enter the patrol vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where NPV do not stop after colliding with police car when shift timer is over
  • Fixed an issue where player was able to enter the car, but not exit it when the car door was blocked by an object
  • Fixed an issue with arrest transport where sometimes it would clip with other accident NPV in an accident
  • Fixed an issue where drivers heads were out when driving


  • Fixed issues where some graffiti areas were black (thank you, beta testers!)
  • Fixed a level design issue where some trees were blocking NPC movement
  • Fixed an issue where a lot of NPC were stuck in Chester Park (thanks, JalapenoPepsi!)
  • Fixed an issue with floating fences in Chester park
  • Fixed an issue with rocks missing collision
  • Fixed a couple of level design issues with assets clipping
  • Fixed issue with barrier asset infront of parking lots where it was flipped
  • Fixed a level design issue where a building was blocking the sidewalk in Brickston
  • Adjusted placement of some bus stops which made no sense (thank you, beta testers!)
  • And a lot more small level design and asset issues have been fixed


  • Fixed an issue where mouse gets stuck in center or corner of the screen
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on board computer icon on the bottom left of the shift report screen leads to a blue screen
  • Fixed an issue with camera where the icons were stuck on the screen (thank you, vengefulgod!)


  • Gamepad: Fixed an issue where walking speed switches to “walk” when person flees
  • Gamepad: Fixed an issue where the game will sometimes not accept inputs from the A button
  • Fixed an issue where keybinds for mouse and keyboard are reset after restarting the game (Specific keys like special characters, ex: +, ?)
  • Fixed the HUD issue caused by the shortcut key “U”, by removing the shortcut
  • Fixed an issue where you could not move the map around when invoked from interaction wheel


  • Fixed an issue with looping/beeping sound when background check was open
  • Fixed an issue where patrol car sounds were audible in the pause menu
  • Fixed an issue where there was no footsteps sound for officer (thank you, beta testers!)
  • Fixed an issue where NPC did not have audio or subtitles when interacting with them


  • Fixed an issue with player sitting animation when ending the shift with a tool in hand
  • Fixed an issue where the gun model was completely broken (thank you to thousands of beta testers reporting it every single day and the hilarious screenshots as a result!)


  • Fixed a random crash for client when driving around in patrol car
  • Fixed a crash while talking to accident NPC
  • Fixed a random host crash when talking to wanted suspect and giving back their ID
  • Fixed random crash when focusing on NPV
  • Fixed a random crash when joining a multiplayer session
  • Fixed a crash when accepting a major accident callout
  • Fixed a crash when host exists the game
  • Fixed a crash for host when the connection to client gets lost
  • Fixed a crash when resolving a dynamic accident
  • Fixed an user reported crash which was caused when the NPV which needs to be towed despawned before the tow truck arrived due to player being out of range
  • Fixed a lot of other user reported crashes