Planet Zoo Update Patch Notes – November 5, 2021

A new Planet Zoo update released on PC. According to the official Planet Zoo patch notes, the latest update addresses some bugs and crashes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Planet Zoo patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Planet Zoo Patch Notes – November 5, 2021

  • NEW – Animals
    • To celebrate our 2nd Year Anniversary, the new Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur habitat animal in now available in game!
      • The Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur is available for free for all owners of the Planet Zoo base game
  • NEW – Bernie’s Bakes Shop
    • A new shop – Bernie’s Bakes – has been added to Planet Zoo, selling a selection of Bernie’s favourite cupcakes! Alongside, a selection of scenery assets has been added to decorate this ‘sweet’ facility:
      • Guest Food Shop: Bernie’s Bakes
      • Shop Blueprint: Bernie’s Bakes Food Shop
      • Bernie’s Bakes Sign Large
      • Bernie’s Bakes Sign Merch
      • Bernie’s Bakes Sign Small
      • Bernie’s Bakes Sign Swing
      • Bernie’s Bakes Sign Logo
      • Decorative Anniversary Cupcake
    • Bernie’s Bakes and all related scenery items are available for all owners of the Planet Zoo base game
  • NEW – Anniversary Balloons Available for 72 hours
    • On the day of the anniversary and over the following weekend, Loony Balloons are selling unique foil balloons to your guests, to celebrate the Planet Zoo Anniversary in style
  • General Bug Fixes and Improvements
    • Animals
      • Fixed an issue where the female and juvenile Komodo dragon length would be 0m
      • Fixed the male Capuchin’s face deforming when in the rest animation
      • Fixed an issue with food quality welfare, where multiple species could eat from each other’s food but didn’t like the other’s supplemental food. Their food welfare now takes into account their own highest available supplemental grade
      • Disabled overly large excrement being dropped by juvenile Meerkats
      • General visual improvements to the juvenile Sea Lion, Jaguar and the Siberian Tiger deep swimming animations
      • Removed the ‘North American Beaver’ tag from the sprinkler, as the animal does not use this enrichment
    • Guests
      • Fixed an issue where guests could be left floating if an Animal Talk Seating Area was re-positioned
      • Guests seated for an Animal Talk will now receive an education boost like standing guests
    • Scenery
      • Added “North America” tag to Steam Workshop
    • Staff
      • Fixed Vets sometimes getting stuck when removing animal carcasses
      • Fixed an issue where some flexicolour assets were missing a tooltip
      • Staff now will teleport to the park entrance if they get stuck in a situation they cannot navigate out of
    • UI
      • Fixed an issue in the Trading UI where any active filters in the species header would accidently be cleared when switching between Animal and Exhibit Trading panels
      • Fixed an issue in Zoopedia interspecies enrichment panel where selecting a species would not redirect users to that species’ page in the Zoopedia
      • Fixed an issue in the Zoopedia search that allowed users to search for species outside of the current applied filters
      • Zoopedia links are now disabled for animals that are in DLC packs that are not installed (this would previously open the Zoopedia at the wrong entry)
      • Fixed habitat space requirements for juveniles being calculated incorrectly in the Zoopedia
      • The pregnancy icon now remains in the animal list when offspring is imminent
    • Audio
      • Fixed Juvenile Koala vocalisation not playing back correctly with some behaviours
      • Re-balanced audio levels of thunder in Tropical biome to make its loudness more consistent with other biomes
      • Fixed Black-Tailed Prairie Dog lacking vocalisation audio when dying to predation
      • Fixed Proboscis Monkey social call vocalisations not playing back correctly with some behaviours
    • Stability
      • General stability fixes
    • Performance
      • General performance fixes
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