Planet Coaster PS4 Patch 1.17 Notes Notes (1.016.000)

    Planet Coaster PS4 update 1.17 is now available to download for players. PS5 update 1.016.000 is also released. According to Planet Coaster 1.14 patch notes, the latest update added the Studios Pack and Ghostbusters PDLC. Apart from this, Planet Coaster patch 1.17 also includes performance improvements.

    Previously, a bug update added various tweaks, changes, and fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

    Today’s Planet Coaster version 1.17 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    Planet Coaster 1.17 Patch Notes (1.016.000)


    The Ghostbusters DLC – Boasting the vocal talents of Dan Aykroyd and William Atherton, who reprise their iconic roles from the 1984 film, this is the complete Ghostbusters experience. Join the team in a brand new, narrative campaign and homage the spooky comedy classic.

    Alternatively, create the most authentic Ghostbusters coaster park of your dreams and commemorate iconic movie moments with an abundance of authentic new scenery pieces, blueprints, special effects and classic Ghostbusters music and sound effects.

    As for rides, The Ghostbusters Experience lets your guests bust ghosts and score points while riding their very own ECTO-1. Or answer the call and try yourself as you try and beat the high score.

    For younger visitors, the RollerGhoster sees everyone’s favorite green ghoul Slimer lead a train around a twisting, turning track. So fire up your proton packs – but don’t cross the streams!

    The Studios Pack – This blockbusting piece of DLC adds all the lights, cameras, and action you could want, helping you create legendary moments and epic scenes to make your guests feel like stars. Featuring Hollywood-inspired props, film set backdrops, detailed animatronics, and more, this is a true tribute to the silver screen.

    The Studios Pack contains three theatrical new rides to delight and excite. On Big Screen Tour, the Hollywood backlot tour experience comes to life, giving guests a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the magic of cinema. As a bonus, its electrically powered buses can double up as a transport or tracked ride.

    Re-Motion, meanwhile is an innovative simulator in which a robotic arm tilts seated riders 360 degrees. And lastly, Horror Heights adds a terrifying multi-drop tower to Planet Coaster: Console Edition, which is smartly designed to fit inside buildings.

    As ever, you can combine everything in this pack with existing Planet Coaster: Console Edition materials to make exciting, unique creations. These creations can then be uploaded onto the Frontier Workshop for players across the world to download, so long as they also own the DLC content. There’s unending content coming from our relentlessly inspiring community, so jump in today.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue in Asian regions where UI would display “X / Cross” for both “X / Cross” and “O / Circle” button prompts unless the user had swapped around their accept/reject defaults in the PlayStation system settings.
    • PlayStation Dashboard Icon updated.
    • Various PlayStation specific crash fixes
    • Fixed the Catherine Wheel Large Firework emitter issue

    Download free Planet Coaster update 1.17 on PlayStation 4.

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