Pixel Strike 3D Update 8.9.0 Patch Notes – July 27, 2021


Pixel Strike 3D update 8.9.0 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Pixel Strike 3D patch notes, the latest update added a new map, tons of new weapon skins, and more. Apart from this, Pixel Strike 3D patch 8.9.0 also includes stability fixes.

Read more details below.

Pixel Strike 3D Patch Notes


– Cops & Robbers season started
– Bank map
– New Wager Match game mode
– Crosshair Editor
– Ranked season ended
– Sapphire and Candy weapon skins
– Improved detection of invisible player names
– Increased sniper scope zoom level on higher FOV settings

Weapon Balance Changes:
– Range of all primary Assault Rifles and Machine Guns increased by 10
– Reserve ammo increased on most weapons
– Combat Rifle damage increased
– TMP damage reduced
– Army Pistol damage increased
– Heavy Rifle damage increased
– SX2 damage increased
– Trench Gun damage increased
– Striker damage increased

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Parties; party members now properly remain in party after the Party owner leaves a match. Also addressed a bug where Battle Royale games wouldn’t end.

Fixed Clan Banner showing the wrong clan icon in the profile menu. Also, addressed Dinner Party leaderboards sorting by kills issue.

– Fixed broken CTF flag spot on Strike
– Fixed new follower popup blocking clicks after it disappeared
– Fixed spawning outside of Battle Royale map after death
– Fixed FOV slider not updating properly
– Fixed a bug that allowed FOV to go above 90
– Fixed bots on Warehouse map
– Fixed Snowglobe hat
– Fixed Army Pistol skins
– Fixed collider issue on Cube World
– Fixed texture issue on Museum
– Fixed missing textures on Headhunter
– Fixed Fade skin on Vector
– Fixed AWP Data Link skin
– Fixed missing Red Dot Sight on M60
– Fixed Bomb indicator visible to Police in Bomb Defuse

Download free Pixel Strike 3D update 8.9.0 on PC (Steam).