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PixARK Update 1.141 Patch Notes (Halloween Event) – Oct 28, 2021


PixARK update 1.141 is now available to download on PC and PS4. According to the official PixARK 1.141 patch notes, the latest hotfix comes with some minor gameplay changes. Apart from this, PixARK patch 1.141 also includes stability and performance improvements.

Previously, the a big game update was released with various quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the release, many players were experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s PixARK version 1.141 is expected to fix a few of these issues.

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What is new in PixARK Halloween Patch Notes? – October 28, 2021

New Gameplay: A Fantastic Beast and Where to Find It

Skeleton Horse

It is a skeleton war horse burning with the flames of hell. Legend has it that the skeleton horse is the mount of the knight of hell, and is the most reliable partner of the knight. It can fly to the sky and dive into the sea like walking on the ground, and the energy from hell also gives it the power of eternal life.

Left click – Normal attack

Right click- Sacrifice: unleashes the flames of hell to inflict continuous damage to enemies within a certain range (damage value correlates to the HP of the enemy, while damage upper limit correlates to the percentage of melee damage of the skeleton horse)

‘C’ button – path of flame, activates its own hell energy, increases its own movement speed by 50% and melee damage by 30%. Moving will leave a hell flame in place, enemies near the hell flame will take continuous damage (1-50 dmg/0.5 sec)

Fire creatures are immune to the above skills

Magical Crystal Berry: The food favored by skeleton horses that replenish their hell energy. It can be crafted at magic workbench with a dark Magic Stone and a magic berry.

Where to find it?

  • Skeleton Horse (permanent) can be summoned at “Conjuring Cooking Pot” at 70% chance with:
    • 1x Breath Of the Dead
    • 1x Pegasus DNA
    • 2x Felhunter DNAs
    • 5x Scent of the Pumpkin Soul Reaper
  • Upon failing, you will get a tamed Pegasus or a Felhunter.
  • Defeating following monsters/BOSS will drop the corresponding items:
    • Pegasus: Pegasus DNA at 20% chance,
    • Pumpkin Soul Reaper: Scent of the Pumpkin Soul Reaper at 20% chance
    • Felhunter: Felhunter DNA at 20% chance
    • Death Lord (Boss)/ Bone Wyvern King (Boss): Breath of the Dead at 100% chance.

Upon the arrival of Halloween, so do all those naughty Pumpkin Soul Reapers out there trick or treating. Hurry up and fight them off!

During the event, Pumpkin Soul Reaper can be found in:

Pixark: Novice Grassland, Grassland

Skyward: Dawn Island, Woodland, and Void

Defeating it will drop:

Scent of the Pumpkin

Pumpkin Seed

Magic Broom (7 days)

Flying Firework (7 days)

Clown Costume

New Gameplay: The Great Pumpkin Battle!

With Halloween fast approaching, we need plenty of pumpkins not only to decorate our homes but also to use them to exchange gifts! Hurry up and call your buddies to plant pumpkins together!

Pumpkin seeds:

Defeating Pumpkin Soul Reapers will drop pumpkin seeds, which can be used to plant pumpkins.

Pumpkins can be exchanged for various Halloween gifts at the Tailor’s Workbench

New Costumes!

New skeleton costume set can be exchanged at the Tailor’s Workbench with:

Hat:400 pumpkins

Top:200 pumpkins

Hand:100 pumpkins

Bottom:200 pumpkins

Foot:100 pumpkins

Skeleton Horse Saddle:1000 pumpkins

Remember the Scarecrow costume from before? They can be exchanged at 50% discount!

Old Events ARE BACK!
  • Clown Supply Drops – Normal supply drops will turn into Clown Supply Drops. Explorers can obtain Halloween Decors and Halloween Candy Grenades at a chance from these drops.
  • Pumpkin Hat: Some creatures will be wearing Pumpkin Hats. There is a chance of them dropping the Hats that you can equip them on your tamed creatures.
  • Double Harvest rates on Ores and Exp rates

    Higher Exp from defeating Pumpkin Soul Reapers

Old Items ARE BACK!
  • Flying Firework (7 days)

    Can be obtained at a chance from defeating Pumpkin Soul Reapers. Expires in 7 days.

  • Flying Firework (permanent)

    Can be obtained at a small chance from defeating: Ancient Wyvern King, Aurora Butterfly King and Beach Bully.

  • Halloween Trees, Halloween Gravestones, Pumpkin Candle and Pumpkin Wall Decors can be obtained from Clown Supply Drops.

  • Clown Costume

    Can be obtained from defeating Pumpkin Soul Reapers at a low rate.

  • Halloween Candy Grenade

    Throw various Halloween Candy Grenade at other Explorers to transform them into characters wearing various Halloween Masks! The effect lasts for ten minutes. They can be obtained from the Clown Supply Drop.

Download free PixARK update 1.10 for PS4 and Xbox One.