Pistol Whip 1.06 Patch Notes (Smoke & Thunder Update) – August 13, 2021


Pistol Whip update 1.06 (August 13, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Pistol Whip patch notes, the latest update Pistol Whip’s second cinematic campaign, “Smoke & Thunder,” as well as the game-changing Styles system sandbox.

Previously, a big update was released with new features, fixes, and changes. Unfortunately, players are still facing a number of issues.

Pistol Whip patch 1.06 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


Pistol Whip Patch Notes (August 12, 2021)

Smoke & Thunder

After “2089,” the transmission came through loud and clear: y’all wanted more. With “Smoke & Thunder,” we are giving you just that—another action-packed cinematic campaign bursting at the seams with as much content as we could fit into five linked scenes. With new weapons, mechanics, a dastardly new outlaw threat, and a mighty fine new boss fight for folks to tangle with.

Added Cinematic Campaign, “Smoke & Thunder”:

  • Added “Scene 1: Boomtown” (3 difficulties)
  • Added “Scene 2: Last Ride” (3 difficulties)
  • Added “Scene 3: Shot in the Dark” (3 difficulties)
  • Added “Scene 4: Bullet Train” (3 difficulties)
  • Added “Scene 5: The Heatseeker” (3 difficulties)
  • 6 Cinematics: “Boomtown” Intro, “Last Ride” Intro, “Shot in the Dark” Intro, “Bullet Train” Intro, “The Heatseeker Intro,” “Smoke & Thunder” Finale
  • New enemy faction: The Dastardly Dynamo Gang – 1-health Outlaw, 2-health Outlaw, 4-health Outlaw
  • New Enemy Type: Rider (Mounted 1-health Outlaw),
  • 2 new mechanics: Boomshield (4-health armour), Explosive Barrel (1-health AoE)
  • A brand-spankin’ new Boss battle
  • 2 new Weapon Types: Revolver, Boomstick
  • Accessibility modifiers now available in Campaign mode: Bulletproof (previously No Fail), Unobstructed (previously No Obstacles)

Added “Styles”:

  • Sandbox system allowing players to combine their preferred Weapon Type with up to five modifiers
  • Added Weapon Types: Brawler (previously No Ammo), Burstfire
  • Style-based leaderboards
  • Curated Styles for endless replayability: Dev’s Choice for each Scene, Weekly Featured Styles, Trending Styles
  • Added new Modifiers: Big Head, Bullet Hell, Headhunter, Heavies

Other changes & improvements:

  • Completely redesigned User Lobby. Added Styles menu. Updated Scene Selection menu. Updated Leaderboards.
  • All Campaign (“2089” and “Smoke & Thunder”) scenes available in Arcade mode
  • Added 15 new weapon models: The Western Collection, The Brawler Collection, Sci-fi Boomstick, Western Burstfire
  • Added 3 new Western weapon wraps
  • Polish tweaks to existing scenes
  • New easter eggs
  • Implemented LIV 1.5 SDK
  • Implemented fix for the trigger misfire / double fire bug

Download free Pistol Whip patch on PC(Steam).