Phoenix Point Update 1.13 Patch Notes (Official) – Oct 1, 2021


Phoenix Point update 1.13 (Oct 1, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Phoenix Point patch notes, the latest update added a new DLC Corrupted Horizons.

Apart from the new DLC, Phonenic Point patch 1.13 also includes a long list of stability and performance improvements.

Phoenix Point Patch Notes (Oct 1, 2021)

NEW DLC: “Corrupted Horizons”


A new deadly strain of the Pandoravirus appears that saps the will from every being it touches! This is a deadly threat to Phoenix, but can they make use of it against the Pandorans, as well? Encounter fearsome enemies and build a special type of soldier as you fight across a new storyline with unique research, missions, and cinematics.

Corrupted Horizons Includes:

  • NEW Story Missions and Cinematics, with New Research and Equipment
  • NEW Enemy and Game Mechanic “Corruption”
  • NEW Soldier Type
Hypnos v1.13


  • Revealed Havens within the sphere of influence of a Pandoran Base will now give diplomatic bonuses or penalties, based on how long the Pandoran Base has been active after being revealed.
  • Attacking a Faction will now increase the Alert level of that Faction towards Phoenix. At High Alert, Phoenix Point can no longer attack that Faction and will have to wait a cooldown time for Alert level to go down. After an attack, the Threat level of missions against that Faction also increases by 1 level for a period of time.

Rebalanced diplomatic penalties – players will receive higher diplomatic penalties when attacking Factions in which they have better relationships.

Shared faction research rewards with Phoenix are now spread at different levels instead of being awarded at 50 diplomatic points. The shared research will be at 50% progress and will have to be completed by the player.

The research reward for completing a Steal Research mission is now shown on the Haven info panel. Players need to visit a Haven to find out what the reward will be.

  • After a successful Haven Defense, surviving soldiers from the defending Faction may decide to join Phoenix if they have a positive relationship. The higher the difficulty setting, the lower the chance that a soldier might join.
  • (DLC2) Each Archaeology Lab will provide 1 resource of passive income each day for every resource gathering site in control of that type.


  • Players will have to use the new Hack ability in order to complete the Steal Research mission objectives, which makes a soldier busy for 2 turns (unable to take action) until the Hack is complete.
  • Disabling an eye of the Yuggothian entity will remove a Mark of the Void from a random soldier. A hint to support the mechanic will appear if hints are enabled.

Quality-of-Life improvements

  • Added Cinematics library on the main menu to rewatch cinematics available during the game. Players will need to unlock these cinematics after this update for them to appear.
  • Improvements to HUD UI when certain Tutorial hints are showing
  • Revised the UI design in the Recruits tab
  • Better trigger conditions for the Jet Jump tutorial step in the 2nd tutorial mission
  • Main objectives on Geoscape that lead to campaign completion now have a unique icon
  • Several hints added to Geoscape to better explain the Augmentation (DLC1) and Mutation mechanics
  • New pause/unpause settings in game options for Aircraft movement

Bug fixes

  • Addressed a gameplay issue where Action Points would not count correctly after a unit stops its movement animation after spotting an enemy on the map.
  • Addressed a rare issue where a living spider drone could cause the game to hang if it tries to move right when a mission is completed.
  • Addressed an issue where a mind-controlled soldier by the Pandorans can see and shoot hidden player infiltrator soldiers
  • Addressed several issues where Geoscape events could appear in the wrong order after player input
  • Addressed the description of the Breathe Mist ability for the Synedrion armor
  • (DLC2) Addressed a game stuck when a Hoplite would try to use a shield after its head is disabled
  • (DLC2) Addressed texts with missing keys for Hoplite and Guardian enemies
  • (DLC3) Addressed several cases where the Myrmidon would clip through collisions after using its Fly ability.
  • (DLC3) Addressed a rare game hang after killing a poisonous Myrmidon.
  • (DLC3) Addressed a hang during loading screen after completing an Interception Battle with 2 or more Phoenix Point aircrafts present at the location.

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