Phasmophobia Update 0.6.3 Patch Notes – July 16, 2022


A new Phasmophobia update 0.6.3 is available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Phasmophobia patch notes, the latest update added a new option where you can change back to the old windows voice recognition. Apart from this, Phasmophobia patch 0.6.3 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major update 1.0 was released that added quality of life improvements and fixes. Recently, a hotfix added a new truck, ghost types, voice recognition overhaul, and more.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Phasmophobia update will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


Phasmophobia Patch 0.6.3 Notes – July 16, 2022


  • Added an option in the main menu to change back to the old windows voice recognition. This will only be available if your language and platform supports it.

The full list of supported languages are:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Spanish


  • Fixed the Reset text on the controls screen being bigger than the button for some languages

Download free Phasmophobia patch on PC(Steam).