Phasmophobia Update (Hotfix) Patch Notes – Sep 18, 2021


Phasmophobia update hotfix (Sep 18, 2021) is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Phasmophobia patch notes, the latest hotfix lowered the volume of the main menu music. Apart from this, today’s Phasmophobia patch hotfix also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big game update was released with various performance improvements.

Unfortunately, players are experiencing various issues with the game. Today’s Phasmophobia patch 0.3.1will fix a few of these issues. Read full details below.


Phasmophobia 0.3.1 Hotfix Patch Notes – September 18, 2021


– Lowered the volume of the main menu music


– Addressed a bug where the Mare description was wrong
– Fixed missing characters in Traditional Chinese
– Fixed text formatting for Japanese
– Addressed a bug the push to talk button was setting the opposite option in the journal
– Addressed a bug toggling head bob would move the camera
– Addressed a bug pressing apply in the game settings would make your equipment be held in the wrong position
– Addressed a bug hands were not receiving any lighting

Download free Phasmophobia patch on PC (Steam).