People Playground Update 1.24 Patch Notes (Official)


People Playground update 1.24 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official People Playground patch notes, the latest update added a Liquid canister, Painkiller syringe as well as bug fixes, and gameplay improvements.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s People Playground patch 1.24 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


People Playground Patch 1.24 Notes – May 21, 2022


  • Liquid canister. This is a high capacity container that is vulnerable to bullets and has a variable buoyancy.
  • Painkiller syringe
  • Humans will pass out when they experience too much g-force
  • Boat motor reverses on red signal
  • For modders: support for transparent liquids
  • For modders: Liquid.GetDisplayName()
  • For modders: BloodContainer.ForceCalculateComputedColor


  • Completely rewrote body shader (this may make humans from older contraptions look weird)
    • Blunt damage causes bruising (new look)
    • Bullets make bullet holes
    • Stabbing makes stab wounds
    • Touching hot objects & friction causes burn wounds
    • You can switch back to the legacy shaders in the general settings menu
    • Important for modders: wound intensity is now inverted (normal). The higher the Z component, the more intense the wound.
  • Bullet impacts on bodies of water are more intense
  • Stopping time has a shorter transition
  • Androids are more durable
  • Minor rendering optimisations
  • Other minor optimisations
  • Changed bullet hardness & damage distance calculations
  • Limbs don’t drain their liquid as fast when bone is exposed
  • Humans don’t panic as easily when shot
  • Humans wince more when shot
  • Humans and gorses regenerate blood slowly, if they’re alive
  • Bullets have 50% more impact force
  • Tritium glows when seen in transparent containers
  • Made punctured lungs more dangerous
  • Increased g-force resilience
  • Decreased human drown time
  • Boiling bodies of water have no buoyancy
  • Changing weather settings like rain, snow, and fog will now happen smoothly instead of abruptly.
  • G-force damage no longer occurs when the organism was frozen
  • Improved distant large explosion sound
  • Changed AK-47 sfx
  • Changed AR sfx
  • Changed Submachine gun sfx
  • Changed Shotgun sfx
  • Changed Sniper sfx
  • Swapped old Rifle sfx for sniper SFX
  • Improved Gorse collision
  • Increased explosion shrapnel lethality
  • Made Ultra Strength Serum more potent
  • Decreased bleeding particles intensity
  • Minor tweaks to entity body temperature maths
  • Increased body bullet impact sound volume
  • Gave liquids nicer names
  • Made human pain animation a little less rigid
  • Organisms rot slower
  • Increased minimum impact damage threshold for limbs
  • Heat capacity is now calculated using object mass in addition to size & material properties
  • Lowered object to air heat dissipation


  • Android circuit layer transparency
  • Improved limb liquid circulation
  • Fireworks detail view radius visible for too long
  • Concrete debris suddenly disappearing
  • Made rescaled living entities a little more stable.
  • Boat motor saving issues
  • Slider disintegration issues
  • Unnecessary memory usage
  • Electrocution issues
  • Workshop upload dialog box being weirdly sized
  • Fluorescent bulb glow overlay appearing in front of everything
  • Issues 🙁
  • Detectors emitting signals even when broken
  • Human flesh layer not covering all bones


  • Removed coagulation concentration calculation