People Playground Update 1.23 Patch Notes – Official

    People Playground update 1.23 is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official People Playground patch notes, the latest update added substracture map, mechanical belt, resizable hosing, bottle, and more.

    Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s People Playground patch 1.23 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    People Playground Patch 1.23 Notes


    • Substructure map
    • Mechanical Belt
    • Resizable Housing (colourable box that maintains a correct texture when resized)
    • Bottle
    • Power Hammer
    • Trees
    • Bushes
    • Magnum Revolver
    • Bazooka
    • Normal wheel
    • Particle Projector
    • Key triggers now clearly show what key they’re assigned to in Detail View. They can also be given a description.
    • Contraptions now have an “info” button. It’ll show you required mods and some other useful information.
    • Some more bone breaking sounds
    • “Slowly heal injuries” is now togglable
    • “Open in Workshop” button, if applicable
    • “Ambience Highpass” setting. It allows the player to set a highpass cutoff frequency for the ambient noise. This is useful if you suffer from crackling audio issues.
    • Search bar in mod menu
    • Better explosion shrapnel. Some explosions will now emit shrapnel (invisible, behave identical to bullets)
    • More wooden strut stress sfx
    • Optional “Choose object under cursor” keybind. It’s like Minecraft middle click.
    • Made soap work just by sliding too
    • Fire embers (only visible when Fancy Effects is enabled)
    • Organisms have a chance to walk a bit when shot
    • When shot in the head, there is a chance for visual brain matter to fly out
    • Distant SFX. Guns and explosives now have special sounds that are heard when they’re distant.
    • Destructible machinery can now be made indestructible using the context menu
    • Flamethrower flames and fire extinguisher… puffs (??) now collide with objects, they have no effect on things behind walls
    • Contraptions that depend on mods will now have a list of required mods added to the description. There is no way for me to automatically add required items to the Steam upload. You need to do this yourself.
    • For modders: LiquidMixingController. Visit the modding wiki for more information.
    • For modders: the SkipSerialisationAttribute can now be applied to a class as well. This will exclude the entire component from the serialisation process.


    • “Biohazard” category is now “Chemistry” (FindCategory treats them as the same)
    • Made metronome more consistent
    • Renamed “Wheel” to “Wooden Wheel”
    • The exact colour of the LED Bulb can now be set (this replaces all other LED Bulbs)
    • Broken electronics spark SFX
    • Pistons will keep pushing/pulling. They can no longer be forcibly moved by other objects without them returning to their target state.
    • The Tank is no longer a solid block of metal. It has an engine and gas tank, just like the car, and its turret base is detachable.
    • Made humans heavier and stronger
    • Blood will no longer spill out when a limb is stabbed. Instead, most of the blood will stay inside until the sharp object is removed.
    • Reordered some buttons on the contraption button in the toybox
    • Made the nitroglycerin explosion more powerful again
    • Minor changes to minigun behaviour
    • Changed minigun SFX
    • Minor change to rocket launcher SFX
    • Small change to sniper rifle SFX
    • Changed 120mm cannon SFX
    • Changed tank cannon SFX
    • Increased tank barrel weight
    • Increased tank cannon recoil
    • Decreased tank suspension strength
    • Decreased tank speed
    • Tank muzzle blast is a little more dangerous and is much larger
    • Decreased ambient sound rate on Humongous
    • Decreased bullet drop
    • Phase link is now only visible in detail view
    • Increased default mod compilation duration limit and increased maximum loading time from 60 seconds to 120 seconds
    • Selection outline is a little less vibrant
    • Minor changes to human bruise colour
    • Minor changes to human blood impact
    • Increased grenade fuse from 2 seconds to 4 seconds
    • Mods that use the “Application” identifier are marked as suspicious
    • Rockets launched from the standard rocket launcher will slow down more underwater and will get stuck inside immobility fields
    • Decreased activation signal amount warning sound rate
    • Increased activation signal limit
    • Layering changes to the tank
    • Minor changes to brick impact VFX
    • Decal sorting order stuff
    • Made that little orange thing in the corner of outdated contraptions a bit smaller
    • Small wood impact is a little louder
    • Made sliding sound less loud
    • For modders: deprecated Hover.collider and all wire colliders
    • Removed very low frequencies from ambient hum
    • Increased “stop animation on damage” damage threshold


    • Absolutely terrible oversight in the serialisation and deserialisation of wires. Wires should no longer turn pink / disappear after paste or load. This should also fix a whole bunch of other problems to do with the serialisation of specific objects.
    • An awful design flaw to do with continuous activation signals. This should not introduce any unexpected behaviour unless you expect something to be broken. Some contraptions may rely on this inconsistency, and they will break. Most contraptions will benefit from this and behave a lot more consistently. It should also reduce (pretty much eliminate) activation signal limit warnings.
    • Improved fast moving wire performance
    • Debug messages doing the DRAG SELECTED thing.
    • Glass no longer increases detector range if placed in front of a mirror
    • Zombies moving even though they’re dead (more deader)
    • Other minor performance improvements
    • Fixed an LED bulb issue that you never noticed
    • Some pumpkin stuff
    • Weird explosion miscalculation (CreatePulseExplosion)
    • Minor firearm bugs
    • Bicycle is now made of metal too, just like the others
    • Bug where explosives could trigger other explosives infinite times
    • Some deletion stuff
    • Soap problems
    • Outlet liquid decal issues
    • Contraption synchronisation can time-out (20 seconds per item, just to prevent an infinite loop in case Steam loses its mind)
    • Toybox scrollbar stuff


    • Removed liquid pressuriser sound
    • Removed rotor sound
    • Expanded gore is gone
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