People Playground Update 1.22 Patch Notes – November 1, 2021

People Playground update 1.22 (November 1, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official People Playground patch notes, the latest update added new changes, fixes, addition, and more.


Previously, a major update added various quality of life fixes and improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues. Today’s People Playground patch 1.22 will address a few of these errors.


People Playground Patch Notes – November 1, 2021


  • Much better bells. You can select a piano key in the context menu.
  • Infrared thermometer
  • Liquid outlet
  • Thermal vision
  • Vases
  • Wire direction snapping
  • Detached 30mm HEAT autocannon
  • Entities feel momentary pain when stunned
  • “Stop animation on damage” setting
  • “Set object temperature” context menu option
  • Escape key escaping things
  • Objects are now destroyed if they are out of bounds for over 5 seconds
  • “Recompile” button that is shown when a mod failed to compile. This way you don’t need to restart the entire game when you are developing a mod.
  • Maximum mod compilation duration setting. 10 seconds by default. A mod is only allowed to take this amount of time for compiling, otherwise its terminated and ignored.
  • Blood decal & particle colours are now accurate to the actual liquid inside the body
  • Water cleans objects
  • Balloons now pop under pressure
  • Exit wounds for stabbing
  • Humans can get paralysed if their spine breaks
  • There is a chance that an injury punctures the lungs of a human, which can cause low oxygen levels and death
  • Organisms now have specific “vital” spots inside their body. For example, head injuries are no longer necessarily a brain injury.
  • Organisms can now bleed internally. Internal bleeding can cause many issues, most obviously twitching, slowness, and loss of balance (in case of a head injury). Major internal bleeding results in death.
  • More intense bullet metal impact sounds
  • If set to “Drain”, the blood tank can now spill into other containers. This means you can make finally a nitroglycerin shower. It can also spill onto non-container objects, but this will not transfer the liquid effects onto that surface.
  • Firearms can accidentally discharge when dropped
  • Multiselect using shift (by default)
  • Toybox size is now remembered
  • A few optional keybinds
  • Unbind button in keybind menu


  • Humans regenerate limb integrity slowly
  • Lowered contraption spawn outline delay
  • Living tissue regenerates visual blunt damage slowly
  • Adjusted impact damage so that head injuries are more dangerous
  • Fire kills less quickly
  • Increased general impact damage severity
  • Decreased blood impact particle intensity
  • Decreased bleeding particle intensity
  • Other minor changes to humans
  • Disassembler is more likely to disintegrate things
  • Increased maximum bullet penetration iterations to 128. This will make thick, soft obstacles more penetrable.
  • Some firearm SFX changes
  • Wood impact SFX
  • Increased blood vessel wire transfer speed
  • Minor changes to liquid rules
  • Minor changes to the machine gun and 30mm cartridge
  • Joint stress sound rate
  • Beam rifle now heats up objects it strikes
  • Blaster bolts heat up objects that they reflect off of
  • Increased rocket launcher impact dismemberment chance
  • Multithreaded the ambient temperature system
  • The ambient temperature grid can now propagate more effectively
  • Replaced “Symphony No.40, Mozart” with “Danse Macabre, Saint Saëns 🎃” in the Jukebox.
  • Minor changes to keybind page
  • “Show selection/freezing outlines” settings is now called “Show hovering highlights”. It will also disable the red wire highlights.


  • Minor optimisation
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Weird bandage tool bug where you could attach it to other wires
  • Water splashing being audible from seven light years away
  • Ceiling turret not correctly saving/loading frozen state
  • Syringes not being affected by pressure system
  • Accidental overwriting of contraptions
  • Bug where you could resize the toybox with middle mouse button
  • Occasional flashes of light when spawning in items
  • Bug causing knockout poison to appear pitch black
  • Center of mass being all messed up when the object is resized or flipped
  • Pull/push powers occasionally causing teleportation
  • Disappearing center of mass etc.
  • Accumulator not having a heat shield option
  • Object pooling issue
  • Lingering limb status UI things after deserialisation
  • Conveyor belt pinning serialisation issues
  • Lingering objects after disintegration


  • The old bells. Contraptions with old bells in them will still work.
  • PersonBehaviour.AverageAngle
  • “Liquid overflow limb exploding” setting

Download free People Playground update 1.22 for PC (Steam).