Peglin Update 0.7.20 Patch Notes – May 20, 2022


A newPeglin game update 0.7.20 is now rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official Peglin patch notes, the latest update added tweaks, changes, and fixes.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are still experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Peglin patch 0.7.20 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Peglin Patch Notes (May 20 Update)

New Content/Improvements

The Cruciball!

  • Main Menu overhaul, including the set up for our upcoming character/class selection!
  • New music for the mines, and updates to the Forest and Castle boss tracks
  • The Allorbnothing, the Daggorb’s older cousin
  • Two new Mines Encounters
  • Two new scenarios added, and the Peglin Chef is now looking for something…
  • Three new relics added, with a focus on Refreshing the board
  • SFX pass on a lot of orbs, enemies, and relics (and bomb detonation!)
  • Bomb throwing has been sped up, and fixes have been put in place to prevent softlocks when throwing an absurd amount of bombs and to prevent players taking damage after the Battle Rewards popup has displayed.
  • Visual improvements made to UI to increase legibility on Steam Deck and TVs
  • Navigation Colours added to Scenario and Treasure room navigation
  • Slenderlin art improvements
  • Peg Minigame Reward screen wired to just use Accept/Back buttons for keyboard & controller, making it less likely to accidentally skip the reward.

Bug fixes

  • Controller improvements, it should be much less likely to get stuck when playing solely with controller. If you’re still experiencing issues after please try disabling Steam Input and trying again!
  • Fixed poltorbgeist getting stuck when interacting with Black Holes
  • Fixed issue where upgraded Nosforbatus could have their self-damage increased by other orbs being fired.
  • When obtaining the Unicorn Horn(?) relic in a chest, that chest’s navigation will now have the upgraded aimer active
  • Mouse cursor is no longer hidden when controller input is detected
  • Buckler effect should now remain active long enough to block damage from slow firing enemies, like the Castle Clerics.
  • Clerics should no longer shoot if they die while walking
  • Red Health Vignette should now update properly when healing
  • Fixed issue with saving & loading with Max Health increasing relics
  • Orb per-peg damage no longer rolls over to a second line when larger than 99
  • Peglin no longer gets visually eaten when walking over the defeated Slime Boss for navigation (when returning from the Mines)
  • Slimed Pegs no longer reset their hit count when toggling on and off, preventing this unfortunate loop
  • Auto-select now prioritizes other lightning rods, if one has been defeated in battles where there are multiple.
  • Mines map now has a proper parchment background, now that the map is not just a black void
  • Bouldorb should no longer get rocketed to who-knows-where when refreshing on a dense map
  • Fixed issue with Daggorb’s attack collision when aiming at flying enemies with the Grabby Hand relic

Balance Changes

Peglin Orbs Changes.

  • Bramball Lvl 3 gains Overflow, and increased bramble passthrough damage
  • Lightning Orb has damage lowered but increased chain lightning, including at level 1


  • Magnet time has been increased to 4 seconds of full strength and 8 seconds of diminishing strength. Strength diminishes less severely than before.
  • Sealed Conviction now reduces num discards by 1 instead of eliminating them entirely
  • Cursed Mask now only provides its damage boost while Peglin is inflicted with a negative status effect
  • SuffeRing peg upgrade has been increased to +2
  • Cheese damage is now scaled to # of reloads, to make cheese strategies a little less tedious
  • Well-Done Steak no longer heals at start of battle, but has had its healing increased by 50%
  • Heart Pendant has had its effect reduced to 1%/orb, and has been converted to a common relic
  • Refreshing Punch and Powder Collector converted to Rare Relics
  • Dumb Bell now buffs on every reload, but doesn’t trigger on the initial shuffle
  • Poker chip is less likely to have the x0 multiplier appear in the center slot


  • Additional Plant spawn removed from “wifi” battle
  • Plant Trio Miniboss brick “bowls” last longer before disappearing
  • Castle Assassins damage increased
  • Knight’s Shields’ Health reduced
  • Demon Wall edge pegs (ones that are half hidden) can no longer become special pegs
  • Ballista now fires on turn one and applies increased Confusion
  • Lightning Rods no longer reflect projectile damage
  • Mirror Enemy reflection % is now a visible status effect, and it increases every turn.
  • Slenderlin has had another minion added, and has increased health.
  • Turned Knight has had its health reduced, and its damage increased slightly
  • Animated Ruins Boss now buffs all remaining blocks when one is defeated