Payday 2 Update 209 Patch Notes for PC – August 12, 2021

Payday 2 update 209 (August 12, 2021) is now available to download for PC players. According to the official Payday 2 patch notes, the latest update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements. Apart from this, Payday 2 patch 209 also includes general stability fixes. The download size is around 143MB.

Previously, a big update added the Ukrainian Prisoner Heist dlc. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Payday 2 patch 209 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Payday 2 Patch Notes (August 12, 2021)

The Ukrainian Prisoner Heist
  • Addressed a bug where the VFX for cutting container locks would remain if the player was disrupted during the animation.
  • Addressed a bug that stopped Crew AI from climbing on top of a group of containers located in warehouse B.
  • Addressed a bug that allowed AI to stand on top of certain props in the Harbor Office.
  • Fixed a waypoint issue that could confuse the player if they picked up the documents in the Harbor Office before moving the container.
  • Addressed a bug where security guards could spot players through certain walls.
  • Addressed a bug that allowed trip mines to be placed inside walls.
  • Fixed two clipping props in the Harbor Office.
  • Fixed a graphical issue on a civilian character model when they are lying on the floor.
  • Fixed loot bag collisions in certain areas of the level.
  • Changed some props in the level to stop confusing players when looking for cleaning products to spike the cake with.
  • Addressed a bug with a duplicated road unit.
  • Addressed a bug that would block clients from opening dumpsters placed during pre-planning.
  • Addressed a bug where Vlad would sometimes clip through the container doors when pathing to the skid loader.
  • Addressed a bug that would allow enemy AI to take loot to places unreachable by the player.
  • Addressed a bug where drop-in clients could not kill the guard, in the security office, of the first building.
  • Addressed a bug where some containers could be seen with stretched textures.
  • Addressed a bug where enemies could be seen despawning in a certain area.
  • Fixed problems with baked shadows across the entire level.
  • Addressed a bug on the Hell’s Island heist where a player could become stuck underneath some stairs.
  • Addressed a bug on the Watchdogs heist where a player could become stuck near a fence.
  • Addressed a bug on the San Martín Bank heist where the sound of the vault opening was just as intense on the roof as it was inside the bank.
  • Possible fix for an issue on the Cook Off heist where sentry guns could stop enemies from spawning properly in the level.
  • Addressed a bug on the Beneath the Mountain heist where converted enemies would be left behind when the player used the zipline, which blocked more converts from being taken.
  • Fixed the pre-planning spy cams on the The Dragon Heist so that they spawn correctly.
  • Fixed an invisible collision on the The Dragon Heist underneath the staircase leading down to the warehouse.
  • Addressed a bug on The Biker Heist where a player’s gun could be seen floating next to them, when riding the bike, if the player had Akimbo weapons equipped.
  • Fixed an invisible collision on Day 2 of the Loud Tutorial that was blocking the player from going up one side of the stairs.
  • Fixed an exploit on the Scarface Mansion heist where you could spawn additional loot bags
  • Reduced the loot bag respawn time on the Scarface Mansion heist when a bag falls into the water.
  • Addressed a bug on the Diamond Store heist where looting cash would not cause the van doors to open.
  • Addressed a bug on the Golden Grin Casino heist where loot bags could get stuck.
  • Addressed a bug in the Safe House where the player could get stuck behind a door.
  • Addressed a bug where triad members had incorrect values for head damage modifiers.
  • Added a popup for players who have less than 5hr playtime, directing them to career mode.
  • Addressed a bug in Career Mode where the UI would show Crew AI as OFF but they would still appear in-game.
  • Addressed a bug where the player’s character model could disappear in the lobby.
  • Added Safe House Raid to the Contract Filter.
  • Addressed a bug with the Undead Peacock and Hippika masks displaying Inventory notifications every time the game was started.
  • Fixed a graphical issue on the Saints & Sinners Outfit when worn by Ethan.
  • Fixed a graphical issue on the Padded Moto Azure gloves when worn by certain characters in the lobby and menus.
  • Added controller support for Skip Mission and Toggle Online/Offline for Career mode.
  • Addressed a bug with Czech 92 Akimbo pistols where gadgets spawned clipping through the magazine.
  • Fixed an animation issue when reloading the KETCHNOV Byk-1 grenade launcher.
  • Tweaked the animations for the akimbo CMP.

Download free Payday 2 update 209 is now available for download on PC.

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