Payday 2 Update 1.50 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox One

    Payday 2 version 1.50 is now rolling out for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official Payday 2 update 1.50 patch notes, the latest update contains both new contents as well as a wide selection of bug fixes and other improvements. Apart from this, the Payday 2 update 1.50 also includes stability and performance improvements.

    Previously, a minor update was released with bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game. Today’s Payday 2 version 1.50 update is expected to fix these issues. Check out more details below.

    Payday 2 update 1.50 Patch Notes

        • When you select the “Start Crime Spree” option from, you can choose to start the Crime Spree at Ranks 0, 20, 40 or at the rank where your last spree ended. The higher you start your Crime Spree from, the more Continental Coins you must invest to begin. You can choose to play on your own or with others. All crew members who wish to gain the benefits from Crime Spree, are required to spend Continental Coins. You can still join the Crime Spree without spending the coins, but won’t gain the rewards of the Crime Spree lobby. The base difficulty level of Crime Spree is OVERKILL difficulty, and increases gradually with the modifiers added.
        • Crime Spree Heists can not be restarted. If you fail, you can chose to continue the Crime Spree for an additional investment of continental coin, based on the rank of the failed Spree. Anyone who doesn’t wish to or can’t spend the additional coins, can choose to continue playing without reactivating the Crime Spree, but won’t gain the Crime Spree rewards. Quitting the game at any point during the heist will also result in a failure.
        • The more heists you successfully complete without failing a heist, the bigger reward bonus you will accumulate. The rewards for a Crime Spree consist of cash, XP, loot and continental coins based on the Crime Spree Rank of the heist that you just played and the bonus you will build the longer your Crime Spree gets.
        • 15 armor skins to earn through Crime Spree loot to customize your armor
      • HEISTS
        • New Heist – Diamond Heist
        • New Heist – Brooklyn Bank
      • WEAPONS
        • New Primary Weapon – XM 5.56 Micro Gun
        • New Secondary Weapon – MA-17 Flamethrower
        • New Melee Weapon – Monkey Wrench
      • MASKS
        • New Option – Buy masks using Continental coins
          • Normal masks: 12 cc , DLC/Event masks: 24 cc , Infamous masks: 120 cc.
        • 19 new masks were added, including the Infamous Mega Duke Mask
        • Many New Colors, Materials and Patterns were added
      • UI
        • Updated the Inventory UI
    • FIXES
      • Last mission in the storyline can now be completed (requires playing Crime Spree)
      • Fixed an issue where a pocket ECM would allow players to use ECMs on objectives that would normally lock when using them
      • Fixed an issue where an ammo bag that appeared empty could cause smoke and corpses to remain forever in the level for clients
      • Fixed a crash that could occur if the player used the HRL-7 Rocket Launcher on Captain Winters
      • Fixed a navigation issue in Shadow Raid
      • Fixed an issue with containers always showing the open prompt even though you are closing them
      • Fixed an issue where players could kill the escape driver on day one of Watchdogs causing a blocker on day two
      • Fixed an issue where one of the cameras on Big Oil day one was not connected to the mines
      • Fixed an issue where the trip mines on Hotline Miami day one was missing their lasers
      • Fixed an issue making the monitors on drills and saws have a glare after playing certain heists
      • Fixed an issue where the team AI could not get to the player on the roof of the building on Cook Off
      • Fixed an issue on Brooklyn 10-10 where the player could get stuck inside a police car near the escape
      • Fixed issues with the enemy spawns on Golden Grin Casino
      • Fixed an issue regarding detection rate when playing Golden Grin Casino
      • Fixed an issue where using a throwable to break a camera could make the player unable to pick them up again
      • Fixed an issue on The Big Bank where the player could be blocked from progressing when breaking stealth just as they open the vault
      • Fixed an issue on Biker Heist day two where the AI would not follow the player up on the train car
      • Fixed an issue on Framing Frame day three where the players could throw bags in an unreachable place
      • Fixed strings related to Storyline mode
      • Fixed issue that caused update 1.4 to be large in size
      • The cut-wire prompt in one of the electrical boxes in Firestarter is using a debug string
      • The Monkey Wrench weapon’s description does not reflect the level requirement (18 level) when it is not matched

    Payday 2 update 1.50 is now available for download.

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