Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Update 1.0.6d Patch Notes – Sep 24, 2021


Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous update 1.0.6d (Sep 24, 2021) released on PC (Steam). According to the official Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous patch notes, the latest added a number for bug fixes, qualtiy of life improvements, and more. PF WOTR patch 1.0.6d also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big update was released with various bug fixes. Recently, a hotfix was also released.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing several issues. PF WOTR patch 1.06d will fix a few of these issues.


Read more details below.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous 1.0.6d Patch Notes (Sep 24, 2021)

Quests and companions:
  • When companions temporarily left your group as a part of the story, they could return dead if they had negative conditions on them – fixed;
  • When selecting the unique dialogue option for the Secret mythic path in the final dialogue, cutscene could freeze – fixed;
  • Companion quests sometimes weren’t failing if the companion was sacrificed by the Lich – fixed;
  • Demon Mythic could sometimes be unselectable for some time after exiting combat – fixed;
  • In some circumstances Inger-Maggor didn’t drop the key for the gate – fixed;
  • Cold Waters quest now correctly displays the warning to complete the quest before the end of this chapter only in chapter 2.
  • It’s no longer possible to get Shadow Dance quest if the player failed Corruption quest in Chapter 3
  • Mephistopheles used to summon too many Hellhounds. – fixed. Who let the dogs out?!
  • Shamira sometimes didn’t want to interact with the player in Shadow Dance quest – fixed;
  • it’s no longer possible to get two Immaculate Petals in Prisoner of the Abyss quest;
  • Aeon now sees Wenduag’s aura. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!
  • Aiwu no longer forgets you when you switch to Legend mythic path after being Azata;
  • Trever in Prisoner of the Abyss quest had his weapon in the inventory instead of hands – fixed;
  • Sosiel’s quest in the Abyss now updates correctly if you go directly to the arena manager in a search for Trever.
  • After telling Woljif to leave the party in Defender’s heart, your character could become stuck – fixed;
  • Dialogue with Mephisto sometimes didn’t continue after a successful diplomacy check – fixed;
  • Dead previous owner of Battle Bliss no longer keeps appearing after completion of the questline. – fixed;
  • Changed the balance in The Price of Loyalty quest;
  • Attack out of Nowhere quest could fail if you visit Molten Scar after Ivory Sanctum – fixed;
  • It was possible to “break mechanism” multiple times at Blackwater – fixed;
  • Party could sometimes get stuck in between islands after a failed athletics check in Alushinyrra – fixed;
  • Channel Negative Energy — Heal Undead Trap in Ivory Sanctum didn’t heal the Eternal Guardian – fixed;
  • Heart of Mystery portals were incorrectly open earlier than intended – fixed;
  • Optimized freezes when islands “snap into place” in Alushinyrra (small freezes still remain, but much less than before);
  • Crusade: Inquisitor’s Divine Favor didn’t work correctly – fixed;
  • Crusade: Divine Favor was missing a description – fixed;
  • When a unit teleported into a trap and died there, its turn would never end – fixed;
  • Vampiric Touch and Vampiric Shurikens didn’t work correctly – fixed;
  • Ice Storm’s slowing effect didn’t work – fixed;
  • Favored Enemy — Flying and Favored Enemy — Large didn’t work – fixed;
Classes & Mechanics:
  • Trickster’s Stealth 3 rank was giving incorrect amount of Spell Resistance – fixed;
  • Game could freeze in Mythic levelup – fixed;
  • Aeon’s Bane no longer dispells effects cast by allies.
  • Breath of Life is correctly not affected by Spell Resistance now.
  • Protection from Arrows was not bypassed by non-magical melee weapons – fixed;
  • Oracle’s Life Link ability was only usable on the caster instead of the allies – fixed;
  • Touch spells sometimes would fail for last characters in Initiative order after allies (including summons) or enemies joined combat after it started – fixed;
  • Prediction incorrectly indicated that a character on a stunned mount can attack enemy that’s not close enough to attack without moving – fixed;
  • Charge and Overrun abilities were not checking if caster and his mount can actually move, leading to freezing turn in TBM – fixed;
  • Sacred Weapon abilities for Warpriest had no description – fixed;
  • Wizards of Divination school were sometimes not able to memorize spells in their schools slots – fixed;
  • Spelleater’s ability Blood of Life didn’t have a description – fixed;
  • Added descriptions of the groups of demons for the Favored Enemy ability;
  • The Divine Hunter’s Otherworldly Companion provided incorrect resistances to the said animal companion – fixed
  • Golden toad now has a properly solid cost and weight;
  • Jubilost’s signed Almanac now actually contains his signature.
  • Seal of Madness no longer affects allies;
User Interface:
  • Aeon immunities now have proper tooltips;
  • A couple of NPCs had placeholder portraits – fixed;
  • It was sometimes impossible to finish respec for level 9 mythic – fixed;
  • Animal companion portraits could disappear from the control panel when switching zones – fixed;
  • Minor visual fixes in interface of Crusade generals.
  • Faith Hunter tooltips for the FH symbol at 10, 14, and 18 had no description – fixed;
  • Bonuses to character stats sometimes weren’t displayed correctly. – fixed.
  • Pop-up messages on global map will now stop the movement of the commander’s party;
  • Unfair difficulty had unplanned additional improvements to enemy stats – fixed;
  • Addressed the issue with lagging mouse cursor.
  • Addressed a number of errors that caused the game to crash;
  • Addressed the logics in conversation with Areshkagal;
  • Some parameters of Nocticula have been reduced of difficulties below Core;
  • Skin button didn’t have a sound when looting – fixed;

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