Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous (PF WOTR) Update 1.0.3c Patch Notes – Sep 14, 2021


Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous update 1.0.3c (Sep 14, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous patch notes, the latest update added a number of bug fixes and quality of life changes. Apart from this, today’s PF WOTR patch 1.0.3c also includes other minor fixes.

Previously, a bug update was released with quality of life improvements and changes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing several issues. PF WOTR patch 1.0.3c will fix a few of these issues.

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Pathfinder Patch Notes (Sep 14, 2021)


  • Deep-Rooted Derangement could break if you skipped the cut-scene which started it – fixed;
  • Addressed the infinite XP gain in the dialogue with Thaberdine;
  • The second dialogue with Nulkineth could start more than once – fixed;
  • The logic in the dialogue with Toil in Ember’s quest in chapter 5 has been fixed;
  • The logic in the dialogue with Melies in chapter 5 has been fixed;
  • A romantic event with Galfrey from the 3rd chapter could start in chapter 5 – fixed;
  • Addressed inability to complete the Grudges to Settle quest if you kill Chivarro before talking to Herrax;
  • Sometimes Arueshalae refused to talk even after leaving the prison – fixed;
  • Anevia in chapter 5 now properly recognizes whether the player remained the Commander in chapter 3 or not;
  • A cutscene at the end of Death’s Embrace sometimes didn’t start – fixed;
  • Addressed an error that could give a wrong objective related to the Prisoner of the Abyss quest after talking to Sosiel;
  • A cut-scene with Azata’s Free Crusaders could freeze in Midnight Fane – fixed;
  • Sometimes Days of Strife wouldn’t fail after finishing chapter 1;
  • From a Dead Woman’s Hands: in some cases, it was impossible to call Sosiel to talk with Paralictor Aminos Renth in Drezen – fixed;
  • A Conversation with Halaseliax sometimes didn’t start after Dragon’s Awakening – fixed;
  • Above the Clouds: it was possible to get an objective to speak to Desnans about music too early. Fixed. If you already got the objective, just wait until the time is right for this dialogue to trigger;
  • In some cases after Azata’s battle at Flesh Markets, a conversation with Rhamisa wouldn’t start – fixed;
  • A cut-scene with Rhamisa could trigger twice if you went into her hideout again – fixed;
  • A romantic scene with Galfrey didn’t start before Midnight Fane – fixed;
  • Dragon’s Awakening: Halaseliax could stay in Drezen while he was supposed to leave for Kenabres – fixed;
  • Fighting against your previous companions on some difficulties resulted in their resurrection after a fight – fixed;
  • In chapter 1, if, after scouting the Tower of Estrod, you failed to report to Irabeth before the attack on the tavern started, this objective wouldn’t be completed – fixed. You will receive another objective;
  • Addressed replies in the dialogue with Nocticula during Demon’s quest in chapter 5.


  • Killing (and looting) Seelah in Molten Scar would break the game later on. Addressed for new games, but an already affected playthrough requires loading an earlier save;
  • Iz: visiting the place of the boss fight before the boss arrives would make it impossible to start the dialogue later – fixed;
  • Addressed Azata’s navigation issues in Drezen;
  • Some players couldn’t enter Hellknights Outpost in chapter 5 – fixed;
  • Sometimes saving during the scene of breaking the gates in Drezen would break it – fixed;
  • Terrain in some areas could be entirely black – fixed;
  • A stinky passage from the lair of the Fulsome Queen unto the mines of Colyphyr wouldn’t appear – fixed.
  • Cutscenes in the Drezen Citadel could fail to start sometimes – fixed;
  • Addressed some issues which prevented talking to companions in Nexus;
  • Lost Chapel: a fight with ghouls sometimes wouldn’t start if you kill a cultist by the gates too quickly – fixed;
  • Addressed an incorrect Mobility check-in Midnight Fane.


  • Stronghold now takes 2×2 instead of 1×1 cells;
  • Mouse cursor could get stuck if you had a spell selected and hovered over the combat log resize – fixed;
  • The Economy tab was working incorrectly – fixed;
  • A Dragon’s Advice event didn’t trigger in Drezen – fixed;
  • The initial attributes of the Generals were fixed;
  • Generals’ ability Elemental Weapon did not work on ranged attacks – fixed;
  • Damage of all Ranger’s Trap abilities has been moderately increased;
  • Added an indicator for the recruitment button, when new units are available for recruitment.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Order of the Gate Hellknights was getting wrong abilities before level 9 – fixed;
  • Battle Meditation mythic ability was not appearing in the ability list – fixed;
  • Death of any companion from Negative Levels with enabled option “Dead companions rise after combat” would cause the game to freeze/crash when combat ends – fixed;
  • Arcane Enforcer couldn’t select the Full Reservoir mythic ability – fixed;
  • Magus’ Spellstrike ability wasn’t working correctly with reach weapons if the target wasn’t in touch range – fixed;
  • Bolstered Metamagic added 2 damage per Caster Level, instead of 2 damage per damage die – fixed;
  • Mythic Lich was not becoming a true undead creature. Resolution: Killed him to undeath;
  • In some instances during Aeons playthrough some enemies could revive themselves indefinitely – fixed;
  • Intimidating Display could disappear – fixed;
  • Eyes of the Bodak spell no longer can kill NPCs in cities;
  • Gold Dragon’s Perfect Mind ability didn’t provide some of the bonuses stated in the description – fixed;
  • Swarm-that-Walks got fatigued instead of gaining the immunity to fatigue – fixed;
  • Some abilities no longer keep giving bonuses after retraining;
  • Addressed favorite class HP bonus;
  • Alchemist Incense Fog didn’t work correctly – fixed;
  • Hagbound Witch could start dealing 0 damage with any weapon – fixed;
  • Your character couldn’t attack enemies in some cases – fixed;
  • Ability Mount Companion didn’t have a description – fixed;
  • Vampiric Touch and Vampiric Shurikens didn’t work correctly – fixed;
  • Ice Storm’s slowing effect didn’t work – fixed;
  • Favored Enemy – Flying and Favored Enemy – Large didn’t work – fixed;
  • Velociraptor animal companion’s talons were dealing 1d3 damage instead of 1d6 – fixed;
  • Emergency Help ability was not properly targeting wounded allies – fixed;
  • Weapons, included in different weapon training groups, sometimes didn’t receive appropriate bonuses – fixed.

Turn-based mode

  • Prediction panel in TBM was mistakenly showing Spell Combat attack as possible in cases where it wasn’t (e.g. when the character was using a two-handed weapon) – fixed;
  • TBM did not work in some places with moving/appearing objects – fixed;
  • Charge ability was getting interrupted randomly before starting – fixed.


  • The attack bonus from Dead Bough’s scorches stacked multiple times – fixed;
  • The Triceratops Statuette took away the ability to mount – fixed;
  • Tankard of Free Spirit didn’t summon anything if the owner’s level was below 7 – fixed;
  • Victims’ Madness didn’t have a description – fixed;
  • Bane spell granted by Unholy Signet had a wrong DC – fixed;
  • Red Dragon Helmet didn’t display on the characters – fixed;
  • In the Numerian dungeon, you could loot a weapon without a name or description. It has a name and description, though you can’t equip it;
  • Unending Distortion didn’t work – fixed;
  • Francest’s Charming Voice and Francest’s Mighty Call now display proper mechanical descriptions.

User Interfaces

  • In auto-crusade mode, it was impossible to move on the global map sometimes – fixed;
  • Completing Camellia’s quest in chapter 5 didn’t always provide an update to her story in the UI – fixed;
  • Addressed the issue with targeting spells on the portraits of the characters;
  • Inventory and Character sheet were empty in some cases – fixed;
  • Head slot is available for animal companions from now on;
  • Parts of character could turn white when switching a headgear or equipped items several times rapidly – fixed;
  • Addressed the wrong marker for the Grudges to Settle quest on the map of Alushinyrra;
  • Added tooltips for the menu bar buttons that were missing them.


  • Dead characters sometimes continued to play sounds – fixed;
  • Burning houses in Kenabres stopped playing sound effects after saving and loading again – fixed.


  • Addressed a bug when after a minotaur’s death, its flail was floating in the air;
  • Addressed the achievements Truly Important Deed, Get the Toad;
  • Addressed the fight in the Arendae Party House – your party no longer starts the combat flat-footed;
  • Addressed some crashes related to particle effects;
  • Addressed the game hanging instead of returning to the main menu when you complete it;
  • Addressed the visual of Mythic Lich;
  • Added a character retrain interface. Now you can’t interrupt retraining anymore;
  • Fix the Dominate Person effect on the main character;
  • Addressed the issue with the animation of the Master Backstabber ability.

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