Pathfinder (WOTR) Update 2.0.5 Patch Notes – Dec 5, 2022

    A new Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous update 2.0.5 is available on PC (Steam). According to the official Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous patch notes, the latest update contains a plethora of minor updates, a new major feature, and many additional fixes. Apart from this, Pathfinder WOTR update 2.0.5 also includes performance improvements.

    Previously, a big update 2.0.0 was released which added numerous tweaks and fixes for the crusade, various mythic paths and other aspects of the game. Unfortunately, some players are still facing issues with the game. Today’s Pathfinder WOTR patch 2.0.5 will fix a few of these issues.

    Read more details below.

    Pathfinder WOTR Patch 2.0.5 Notes – December 5, 2022

    • Fixed Chaplain’s assortment of goods in the Murky Grotto and Nondescript Pier, and now it depends on the expedition;
    • Fixed some navigational issues in Iz;
    • Fixed the issue when every mythic path could use Azata’s unique interaction in Inevitable Prison;
    • Fixed the lighting in Drezen;
    • Fixed the mythic path selection dialogue during conversation with Iomedae and Nocticula, which previously led to a broken cutscene;
    • Fixed the navigation near the elevator on the 3rd floor of Mage’s Tower;
    • Improved the lighting in Neathholm;
    • In Sacred Lands, corrected the scene at the entrance to the room with the puzzle;
    • In The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC, in rogue-like mode, an invisible wall could appear on the ship after a boss fight – fixed;
    • One of the islands in the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC could be totally empty – fixed. You won’t encounter this island anymore, and if you already have, then you can just leave it without any negative consequences;
    • The huge fire trap in Gray Garrison can be disabled via the hidden lever now;
    • Your allies will properly help during the fight against Darrazand in Midnight Fane now.
    • Fixed Azata’s early descent into Midnight Fane, before the Queen’s arrival;
    • Fixed the issue which blocked the player from getting the quest to find the last treasure in the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC;
    • In some cases, it was impossible to continue the fight with Horzalah after the reinforcements arrived during The Price of Loyalty quest – fixed.
    Turn-based mode
    • Added portraits of satyrs, kobolds, and oozes for the initiative tracker;
    • In turn based mode, when opening a character description, the window could stop responding to the controller input – fixed;
    • Island modifiers in the Treasure of the Midnight Islands DLC are no longer displayed under the initiative tracker;
    • The combat could get stuck on immobilized Irabeth’s turn in Lost Chapel – fixed.
    • In some cases, like during Demon’s quest, it was possible to lose and then duplicate Finnean the Talking Weapon – fixed;
    • Some players couldn’t unequip Finnean after battle – fixed.
    • Fixed the check of conditions, under which Wenduag could participate in the Military Council rank-ups in chapter 5.
    Classes & Mechanics
    • A paralyzed character got a circumstance penalty to AC, which reduced the AC to zero – fixed;
    • Animal companions sometimes lost their natural attacks (with hoofs, horns, claws etc.) – fixed;
    • Flying Time Undertow effect worked outside of combat – fixed;
    • Forester can properly benefit from their Animal Focus now. Also, all hunters now benefit from two aspects of Animal Focus, when their animal companion is dead. Additionally, hunter bonuses to ability scores from Animal Focus — Bull, Tiger, and Bear have been changed from enhancement to inherent;
    • In the Treasure of the Midnight Islands DLC, the fog of war behind the cabinets now works correctly;
    • Maugla (the nabasu boss in the Lost Chapel) has lost the ability to kill dhampirs with negative levels;
    • Shield Focus (Mythic), Tower Shield Defense and Deflective Shield feats now work correctly;
    • Swarm that Walks didn’t get spells from the throne room events – fixed;
    • The list of feats, available to different classes, has been updated, which fixes the issue with not being able to choose some feats despite having the prerequisites for it;
    • The Rainbow Starfall spell in Azata’s spellbook now works as described;
    • Unarmed attacks under the Fiery Body spell now deal the correct amount of damage;
    • Weapon Finesse now works with all natural weapons.
    • Now it’s no longer possible to change the language or font size during a turn-based battle, as it could lead to some serious problems with the interface;
    • Fixed the issue when you couldn’t change the name of Commander Court while one Azata mythic path;
    • Fixed the missing title and description for the Spell Penetration (Mythic) feat;
    • It’s now possible to use your own portraits on PC when playing with the controller;
    • Removed the ability to change control with the settings menu opened;
    • The difficulty settings tab no longer disappears after changing the font size or the language of the localization;
    • Under certain circumstances, when playing with a controller, character cards and menu cards could stay on screen and not disappear – fixed;
    • Upon exiting the turn-based mode, the action bar will properly update now;
    • When playing with a controller, it was possible to lock the controls in resting interface after sending a bug report – fixed.
    • While transitioning between the chapters, the dialogue voice-over could disappear – fixed.
    • Fixed the issue with the return of the fog of war area on some maps;
    • When loading a save from the game, or upon exiting to main menu, a critical error could occur – fixed.
    • Combat could begin even when enemies remained behind the walls or doors in multi-area dungeons – fixed, and the enemies will stop targeting and attacking you through the walls;
    • Corrected the cutscene with Seelah and Curl in the Houndhearts camp;
    • Fixed characters getting duplicated when opening a level up window;
    • Fixed some traps in the Treasure of the Midnight Islands DLC;
    • Fixed the achievements you were supposed to get for finishing the game;
    • Fixed the beginning of the dialogue with Areshkagal, in which Nenio appeared dead if she was killed earlier;
    • Some companions still managed to cheat death and gain immortality – fixed. Hail Pharasma, Lady of Graves!
    • The standalone mode for the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC now has an island with an extra mythic level in the final expedition, which allows to gain full 10 mythic levels.

    Download free Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous update 2.0.5 on PC.

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