Path of Exile Update 3.15.3b Patch Notes – Sep 8, 2021


Path of Exile update 3.15.3b (Sep 8, 2021) released for PC (Steam) players. According to the official POE 3.15.3 patch notes, the latest POE update 3.15.3b added various quality of life improvements. Apart from this, POE patch 3.15.3b also includes stability and performance fixes.

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POE Update 3.15.3b Patch Notes – Sep 8, 2021


  • Improved the visuals of Vorana, Last to Fall’s storm skill to make the outer ring more discernible.
  • Improved the description of the Twice Tempted Atlas Passive to more accurately reflect its functionality.
  • Addressed an issue where the Flask Enchantment to reuse a Flask at the end of its effect could reuse a Flask multiple times.

Addressed an issue where additional Physical Damage reduction could cause Armour to provide Physical Damage reduction even if you had the Transcendence Keystone Passive allocated.

Addressed an issue where Zana would not offer you another mission in a Map if portals to the previously selected mission failed to open.


Addressed an issue where adding an Itemised Beast to your Bestiary would not unlock relevant Beast Recipes.

  • Addressed an issue where Catarina, Master of Undeath could become stuck and fail to perform any actions.
  • Addressed an issue where Syndicate Safehouse portals could open around the player instead of Jun in Map areas.
  • Addressed an issue where some sound effects, such as the gong in Oba’s Cursed Trove, were not playing.
  • Addressed an issue where filtering the Map Stash Tab with a quoted search term was not working properly.

Addressed an issue where some modifier value ranges would sometimes not show on the Forbidden Taste and Doedre’s Elixir Unique Flasks.

  • Addressed an issue where the 3D Art for Kaom’s Heart had lost some of its glow.
  • Fixed an instance crash.

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