Path of Exile Update 1.77 Patch Notes (POE PS4)

Path of Exile version 1.77 is now rolling out on PS4 players. According to the official Path of Exile update 1.77 patch notes, the latest POE update added bug fixes and gameplay changes. Apart from this, POE PS4 update 1.77 also includes stability and performance improvements.

Recently, an update added various quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Path of Exile patch 1.77 will fix a few of these issues.

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What is new in Path of Exile 1.77?

  • Texture Streaming has been further improved. Loading should now be quicker and you should see fewer low-resolution textures.
  • Added automation to remove old minimap and shader data. This process occurs during the Grinding Gear Games logo video upon launch and may take some time. Old minimap and shader data will typically be cleared once per league in the future.
  • Updated the patcher to reduce ggpk fragmentation during the patching process. This means that the ggpk file won’t grow so large, so quickly, in the future. We’re working on a graphical interface to the PackCheck tool so that you can easily condense it back down.
  • Owners of M1 Macs can now play Path of Exile through Rosetta, with minimal impact on performance. A native version will be available in a future update.
  • Various renderer systems have been made roughly 15-20% faster, which doesn’t necessarily translate to a performance improvement for all users but anecdotally it seems like it’s around 5% faster on average for us.
  • Fixed a common client crash.
  • You can now create Private Leagues for Ultimatum, ahead of the league’s launch on April 16. These leagues will not begin until Ultimatum launches.
  • Remove-only Map Stash Tabs and Unique Collection Tabs are once again removed when emptied.
  • Added a Prophecies category to the Bulk Item Exchange section of the Trade website.
  • Added a Unique Maps category to the Bulk Item Exchange section of the Trade website.
  • Added Shaper Guardian Maps to the Maps category of the Bulk Item Exchange section on the Trade website.
  • We have updated our legal documents (Terms of Use, Privacy Notice and Cookies Notice) to tidy up wording, adjust clauses to reflect recent changes to data privacy laws and to clarify the usage of our Website APIs.

Download free Path of Exile update 1.77 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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