Path of Exile (POE) Update 1.90 Patch Notes (3.15.2B) – August 24, 2021

A new POE update 1.90 (3.15.2b) is now available to download on PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official POE 1.90 patch notes, the latest hotfix added some minor bug fixes and changes. Apart from this, Path of Exile patch 1.90 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, an update added various quality of life improvements. Recently, a hotfix was also released.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Path of Exile patch 1.90 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

POE 1.90 Patch Notes for consoles

Console specific notes:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause flask binds to be used unintentionally when interacting with other user interfaces.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the user interface to flicker after interacting with NPCs.
  • Added alternative behaviour for Trap skills: Traps are thrown at character’s location with alternative behaviour turned on.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Expedition error messages to overlap.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Expedition vendor buttons to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the item popup display to appear incorrectly after inserting an item into the Unveil window.


  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.15.2 where Pyroclast Mines could shoot more projectiles than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Jun could teleport into inaccessible locations.
  • Fixed two instance crashes.

Download free Path of Exile version 1.90 on PlayStation 4.

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