Palia Update 0.180 Patch Notes (New Features)

Palia update 0.180 is now available on PC(Steam). According to the official Palia game patch notes, the latest update focuses on significant changes to the game’s economy, housing, gardening, premium offerings, and the addition of new features and items.

Since the last patch, players have been experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Palia patch 0.180 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Palia Patch 0.180 Notes – May 21, 2024

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General Changes

  • Gold and Renown limits will be raised
  • Drops for Flow-Infused Wood will be raised
  • The cost to unlock the Copper Storage Recipe will be reduced
  • Treasure Chests found in the world will have better rewards to help out new players as they explore
  • Over half of existing Workbench recipes have been revisited, with about 85% having reduced requirements (though some were increased as well)
  • The craft times for Gold and Silver Bars have been reduced from hours down to minutes
  • Trees now have a chance to drop Amber, which can be sold as a high-value item
  • The sell value for many Uncommon/Rare/Legendary items will increase for most skills

Housing Changes

  • Several building add-ons will take significantly less time to build — think within a Palian day, not real-life time.
  • Players will receive building add-ons as rewards for reaching initial Furniture-Making Levels
    • This applies retroactively as well through rewards in the Mail

Gardening Changes

  • The cost to purchase Gardening Plots have been reduced
  • Players will receive some seeds for reaching initial Gardening Levels

Download free Palia update 0.180 on PC.

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