Paladins version 1.40 (OB62) PS4 and Xbox One released – Patch Notes


Paladins version 1.40 update is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the Paladins update 1.40 patch notes, there now new Legendary Class Keys and new portraits for most Champions. The update also added Spray preview in Champion Customization.

In addition, the Paladins 1.40 (OB62) has fixed an issue where third person view no longer functioning after spending over three minutes in Shooting Range. Check out full changelog below.

Paladins 1.40 update ps4

Paladins version 1.40 for PS4 and Xbox One – Patch Notes

  • Introducing Legendary Class Keys (Guarantees one unique Legendary Card per Class)
    • Available in the Radiant Chest
    • Frontline, Damage, Flank, and Support keys will be displayed in addition to Regular, Enchanted, and Legendary Enchanted Keys.
  • New portraits for most Champions
  • Added Spray preview in Champion Customization
    Not available in PTS


  • Fixed an issue where third person view no longer functioning after spending over three minutes in Shooting Range
  • Fixed an issue where rarity glow missing from items gotten out of Radiant Chests.
  • Paladins Update 1.40 addressed an issue where rarity announcer call out for Rare and above in Radiant Chests.
  • Fixed bots not using their Ultimate voice lines
  • Paladins version 1.40 addressed an issue where players have no health bar and does not show up on scoreboard. (Please let us know in the Paladins Bug Thread if issue persists)



  • Exclusive Content
    • Jenos
      • Weapon: Shatterstar (Legendary)
    • Grohk
      • Emote: Grohk Slide
    • Current Rotation
      • Code Green Viktor


  • Androxus
    • Accessory: Cangaceriro
  • Ash
    • Spray: Chibi Ash
  • Buck
    • Weapon: Comrade’s Shotgun
    • Spray: Chibi Buck
  • Evie
    • Weapon: Comrade’s Ice Staff
  • Fernando
    • Fernando’s Accessory is now his Shield
    • Accessory: Old Glory
  • Grohk
    • Champion visual update
    • Weapon: Arc Staff (old default)
    • Obsidian and Cosmic (Mastery)
      • Champion Skins + Weapons + MVP +Emotes + Spray
  • Makoa
    • Weapon: Comrade’s Cannon
  • Skye
    • Spray: Chibi Skye
  • Torvald
    • Spray: Chibi Torvald
  • Tyra
    • Red Winter
      • Champion skin + Voice Pack + Spray
    • Spray: Chibi Tyra
  • Viktor
    • Accessory: Ushanka
  • Ying
    • Weapon: Comrade’s Mirror


  • World Wide Chest

Announcer Packs

  • The Caster – RohnJobert
  • The Caster – LeTigress

You can read full changelog here.

Check your game update and download latest Paladins version 1.40 (OB62) update on PS4 and Xbox One.