Overwatch 2.58 Patch Notes Released, Read What’s New and Fixed

Overwatch update 2.58 is now available players on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official Overwatch 2.58 patch notes, the new update comes with various fixes for issues related to framerate drop, stuttering/lag, client bugs, game crashing, and UI bugs. In addition, the Overwatch version 2.58 also includes performance and stability improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with a New Hero: Ashe and various other changes. Unfortunately, since the last update, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game online. Today’s Overwatch patch 2.58 is expected to fix all these issues.

Overwatch Update 2.58 Patch Notes

New Seasonal Event: Lunar New Year 2019

Get ready to ring in the Year of the Pig!

We’re celebrating the 2019 Lunar New Year with a festive Capture the Flag version of the Busan map, Season 2 of Competitive Capture the Flag, and a load of loot! Unlock new seasonal items, including legendary skins for Huang Zhong Hanzo, Lü Bu Reaper, Guan Yu Reinhardt, Zhang Fei Torbjörn, Hong Gildong Tracer, and Zhuge Liang Zenyatta.



  • Armor
    • Damage reduction from armor reduced from -5 to -3


  • Rally
    • Now has a maximum duration of 30 seconds


  • Defense Matrix
    • No longer makes Helix Rockets lock onto enemies


  • The Reaping
    • Life steal increased from 30% to 50% of damage dealt

Bug Fixes in Overwatch 2.58



  • Overwatch 2.58 fixed a bug that caused Tracer’s Pulse Bomb to detonate on the wrong side of Orisa’s Protective Barrier when it was placed on the front

Wrecking Ball

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Wrecking Ball’s proximity mines from being disabled by Sombra’s EMP

Competitive Play

  • Fixed a bug in Competitive Play that prevented the team color on the payload progress bar from switching after a round transition



  • According to the official Overwatch 2.58 patch notes, the new update fixed a bug that allowed players to capture or contest the point from its exterior on Nepal’s Shrine stage
  • Added fixes for some crashing issues with Overwatch patch 2.58.
  • Added fixes for stuttering and lag issues.
  • Overwatch version 2.58 stability improvements.
  • Added other minor fixes with Overwatch version 2.58.
  • Various UI fixes and changes.

Overwatch update 2.58 is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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