Outriders Version 1.11 Patch Notes (1.011.000) for PS4 and PS5

Outriders version 1.11 (1.011.000) is now rolling out for PS4, PS5, and Xbox One players. According to Outriders update 1.11 patch notes, the latest update added gameplay optimizations and various tweaks. Apart from this, Outriders patch 1.11 (1.011) also added some stability fixes.

Previously, a minor update added quality of life fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, some players are still experiencing some issues with the game.

Today’s Outriders patch version 1.11 will address all these issues. Read more details below.

Outriders Version 1.11 Patch Notes (1.011.000)

Demo Update:
  • The Outriders Demo has been updated so that its fix list and improvements are now in line with our 22nd of June patch.
  • Important: The Demo no longer requires Square Enix Membership registration in order to play, so if you know anyone who was holding off the demo due to this reason, please do let them know.
Ongoing list of currently tracked issues:

Note 1:This isnotan exhaustive list of things being worked upon. This is alsonota list of patch notes for the next patch. Upcoming patches will address issues that may not be listed here.

Note 2:“Investigated” means that we have been able to successfully reproduce an issue on our dev environment and are currently looking at the root causes of said issue. If we have not yet been able to reproduce a specific issue, it may not be listed here, but that doesn’t mean we’re unaware of it.

  • State of Stadia
    • Stadia still needs to be brought in line with other platforms with regards to fixes, bug resolutions and crossplay support.
    • We are continuing to do this work on aligning all platforms, but do not yet have a definite date for when this will be possible.
    • We appreciate that this work is taking longer than expected and do apologize for this.
  • Stuck at 99% Accolade Progress
    • Issue being investigated
      • UPDATE: While our investigation is ongoing, we will attempt to manually trigger the missing accolades for all users who previously helped us investigate this matter.
  • Technomancers Borealis Set 90% bonus can stop working in combat

As mentioned in the patch notes, there is an additional underlying issue with this set that was only recently discovered. We are already re-investigating this matter in order to ensure that the set will be made fully operational again asap.

  • Matchmaking privacy settings may set themselves to Open without input from the player
    • Issue being investigated
  • Xbox problems related to signing in
    • This is one of our top priorities and something we are continuing to investigate. This patch may well help with the issue, but we are continuing to monitor it.
  • Certain enemies, especially Alphas, may break out of Frozen CC as soon as they are damaged
    • Issue being investigated
  • Game stutters when multiple Crawlers are on screen, in particular during certain Expeditions
    • Issue currently being investigated and will be resolved in a future patch
  • Certain Mods not working, in particular when you’re the client during multiplayer sessions
    • Issue under review following multiplayer improvements
  • Players dying while a shield is active

Issue currently being investigated. Rather than shields not properly mitigating damage, this issue may be caused by (either) the UI not catching up properly or it may be a case of certain shield mods continuing to proc their shield after death has occurred under certain edge cases.

Example: A player continually generates shields and their death prevention mechanics are already on cooldown. They are then hit by enemy damage waves that deplete both shields and health at a greater/faster rate than the shield can regenerate in that window, leading to cases of player HP reaching 0 for a split-second before another chunk of shield is added.

  • Trickster’s Hunt the Prey does not turn player towards an enemy’s back if aiming down sights immediately after activation
    • Issue currently being investigated and will be resolved in a future patch
  • Trickster’s Venathors Knife may target a wrong enemy
    • Issue currently being investigated. This appears to be due to a delay when the skill changes targets.
  • Devastator skills may have inconsistent damage output, particularly when using Bleed & Moaning Winds combo.
    • Issue currently being investigated and may be resolved with the next patch.
  • Devastator Armour mod “Despair” doesn’t increase Anomaly Damage consistenyl.
    • Issue currently being investigated and may be resolved with the next patch.
  • Devastators Statue Set bonus ends after 8 seconds (which is not stated in the description)
    • Issue currently being investigated and will be resolved in a future patch
  • Journal entries/pick ups not appearing on secondary characters
    • Issue being reinvestigated
  • “Damage Blocked” Stat on Expeditions results screen occasionally appears inconsistently or abnormally low
    • Issue currently being investigated
  • A cutscene during the “The Mentor” Questline may not trigger, meaning players cannot progress past this point
    • Issue currently being investigated
    • Temporary Workaround: In your lobby, change your story checkpoint to an earlier one, then re-attempt this quest.

Download free Outriders patch 1.11 on Sony PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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