Patch Notes

Outer Wilds Update 1.09 Patch Notes (1.1.11) – October 22, 2021


Outer Wilds update 1.09 (1.1.11) is now available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the Outer Wilds 1.09 patch notes, the latest update added a number of bugs on all platforms including a fix to input rebinding, which now saves correctly between playthroughs. Apart from this, today’s Outer Wilds patch 1.09 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major update was released with quality of life improvements.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues. Today’s Outer Wilds version 1.09 will address a few of these issues.


Outer Wilds 1.09 Patch Notes (1.1.11) – Oct 22, 2021


  • Input Binding Saves: User input binding saves now load correctly when starting a new session
  • Fix for the wrong sequence triggering if you take a particular object on a field trip
  • Quantum Moon should no longer fall into the sun in a certain situation


  • Design and behavior changes in the Starlit Cove
  • Adjusted music cues during certain dark sequences to give clearer feedback
  • Minor changes to improve navigation in the Endless Canyon
  • Made a passage in the Shrouded Woodlands appear more obviously impassible
  • Minor behavioral tweaks for certain dark sequences
  • Added visual feedback when player is being illuminated
  • Flashlight prompt now triggers in an additional situation when entering the Stranger
  • Broken room by Reservoir rearranged so you can exit without jetpack fuel


  • Fixed architecture issues and several missing props in Echoes of the Eye content
  • Added collision to some hard to reach objects in the Stranger
  • Question marks in rumor mode are now orange
  • Fixing some lighting and prop placement in the River Lowland
  • Fixed ground texture missing on an island’s alternate view in Shrouded Woodlands
  • Fixed various cliff rocks clipping through buildings in Endless Canyon
  • Fixed misaligned texture on Timber Hearth launchpad


  • Fix to missing French dialogue for Gabbro
  • Numerous fixes for the Japanese localization

PC Only Changes

  • Active Controllers selection should persist between game sessions if the connected controllers do not change
  • Visual polish to animated characters in an alternate view

PC DualShock/PS4 Only Changes

  • The View Map input binding now unbinds the Touchpad Button binding when it is rebound

Console Only Changes (already added to PC)

  • A hidden treasure was added
  • Visual effects polish for some Echoes of the Eye content
  • Visual polish to animated characters

Note that today’s update comes with a known PC-only bug that can cause controllers to stop working. This bug occurs when there are two controllers plugged in to the PC, one of which is a PS4 controller; or when two PS4 controllers are plugged into the PC. If you are having this issue and have two controllers connected, try playing with only one controller connected

Download free Outer Wilds patch 1.09 on download on PS4 and Xbox One.