Old World Update Patch Notes (June 9, 2022)


Old World patch 1.5 (The Arena Update) is available to download on PC. According to the official Old World patch notes, the latest update added a long list of bug fixes and improvements.

Previously, a major update added the Winter Convergence Festival with the new winter event packed with quests, special activities, and more.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s Old World game update 1.5 will address a few of these errors.


Old World Patch 1.5 Notes – June 9, 2022

Bonuses which give Ambitions now have help text with Role Playing mode on
Added “No Ancient Ruins” game option and “Competitive” game option preset
Doubled positive religion opinion from Holy Sites
Iconography: +20 Money per Temple, Enlightenment: -2 Discontent per Elder Monk, Gnosticism: +1 Science per Urban Specialist
Vassalage: No Unit Consumption Outside Borders
Slavary: +20% to Mines/Quarries, +1 Discontent
Serfdom: +5 Orders per turn
Centralization: +2 Science per culture level
Assyrian UUs now get a +50% attack bonus vs. Forts
Add Food to most unit consumption
Leaders who get Excluded trait now abdicate, Characters leaving a nation now divorce their spouse(s)
Increased per-city production increase for Settlers, Workers, and Disciples
Dealmaker has been renamed Cunning
Family Heads can now marry and have kids
Automatic marriages will only occur after the character is 20
Added Bisexual trait
Can now change Generals without removing them first
Returned Scouts from Agent Network will be closer to where they started the Network
Agents get an opinion bonus when assigned
Can now no longer ask a Tribe in an Alliance to declare war on another player
Releasing a Governor no longer costs Civics
Can “Buy Tiles” between adjacent cities (restricted to unimproved tiles)
Naval units do counter damage against each other
Seaside maps always have two purely water sides
Continent Map has been improved
AI no longer recommends that you replace an existing tile improvement
In Competitive Mode, can only Gift City to your own team or the team which founded the city
Competitive mode now cuts global yields from characters by half but gives some base global science, training, civics, and money yields.
No longer possible for non-host player to change turn style and turn timer using keyboard shortcuts
Improvements to the Stats screen
MP: When a MP game is over or surrendered and the map is revealed, the city screen for any city is available
Adjusted placement of some goals
Adjusted frequency of some events
Added more conditions where “Assassinate another Leader” achievement can be met
MP: It is now possible to play Scenario 6 of the “Heroes of the Aegean” Campaign as a multiplayer game

Improvements to the MP Lobby
Improvements to tooltips
Improvements to fonts
Use ellipsis if player/nation name are too long for foreign city widget
Improved clarity some icons
8 leaders now display on nation-selection screen
General’s portrait and name now shows in unit selection panel
Attack preview bonuses are now color-coded
Selecting Learn to Play from the main menu (once again) pre-selects the latest uncompleted LTP scenario on the scenario screen
Adjustments to the location of some tooltips
Added Silver icon for tutor events
Updated “pick later” icon in nation select screen
Added hotkey (Ctrl+X) for Network host to turn off replay data

Improvements to terrain system
Mods – Game will now install mods subscribed from Steam client workshop


Fixed some Hittite portraits that were not appearing
Fixed Greek adult portrait that appeared too old
Updated unit portrait for Three Man Chariot
Updated some Hittite portraits
New Historical Portrait for Heroes of the Aegean
Added team color to certain improvements
The Hanging Gardens
The Necropolis
Hagia Sophia
Ishtar Gate
The Oracle
Circus Maximus

Improvements to localized text

Addressed Issues:
Fixed various minor typos
Carthage IV: fixed issue with ambassador
LTP2: fixed issues that created issues with goals
Fixed minor errors which occur on shutdown
Added Peace/Truce missions for No Characters
Scenario character portraits will show up in Hall of Fame
Fixed Tribal courtiers having duplicated traits
Fixed issue where dowries weren’t always being paid
Can no longer use undo multiple times to receive different promotions for units
Siege weapons no longer show up on danger overlay unless they are unlimbered
Removed redundant job text from character tooltip
Mounted bonus on clear terrain is still in effect if the improvement is unfinished
Boundary tiles no longer affect the minimap visible area
Removed Underwater Trees in Deadsea Duels Map
Fixed UI interface for city luxury buttons
Fixes to Greek Campaign
Fixed character popup sticking when opened via text link
Fixed children with divorced spouses sometimes not showing on inheritance screen
fixed reminders not updating after council assignment
Fixed issue with “Alexander the Who” Achievement
Fixed city cycling hotkeys cycling in the wrong direction
Fixed bug where Workshop mods weren’t being unsubscribed on uninstall


Download free Old World game update on PC.