Patch Notes

Ohio Coronavirus Update: Stay-at-home ordered, Lockdown, daycare changes


Ohio Coronavirus Update: Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced a stay at home order for all Ohioans. “There is really nothing in that order, that we have not already been talking about,” said DeWine. “There’s nothing in that order, that I have not been asking you to do for the last week or so.” However, the order does not apply to workers and businesses considered essential.

“Daycares in the state must now operate under a pandemic license and imposed additional restrictions. All childcare centers, beginning on Thursday, must operate under a Temporary Pandemic Child Care license. We will also go down to a maximum of six children per room. This is a dramatic change, but it’s necessary to minimize the risk to these kids.” – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

DeWine on Saturday announced an order closing all adult day services for people with developmental disabilities.


Lt. Governor Husted announced March, April and May Bureau of Workers Compensation payments will be deferred until June. A load limit exemption for trucks carrying food and critical supplies was also announced.

Sunday, the state reported 351 people had tested positive for the virus with 83 hospitalizations. The state’s death toll remains at three.

Sunday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul report that he had tested positive for the virus.