Nowhere Prophet Update 1.07.006 Patch Notes (Draft Mode) – July 6, 2021


Nowhere Prophet update 1.07.006 is now available to download on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official Nowhere Prophet patch notes, the latest update includes a bunch of smaller stability and quality of life fixes. Nowhere Prophet patch 1.07.006 also include balancing tweaks.

Previously, a minor update was released with gameplay changes. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Nowhere Prophet version 1.07.006 will address a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Nowhere Prophet Update 1.07.006 Patch Notes

New Modifiers

First off, there are three modifiers that are available via Custom or Daily games now. All of these provide some interesting tweak to the core game experience:

Clairvoyance: See enemy hands
This one is a fun little addition to the game: You can see the enemy’s cards now peeking in face up and you can hover them at any time to fully reveal them. That way you know what they have in hand and can plan much better.

Confiscation: Steal an enemy leader card
As a little variant you will be granted one enemy leader card after fighting an Elite or a Boss enemy. The card will be picked randomly but in exchange you’ll be given an extra Focus point when you level up.


Conscription: Draft your deck at the start of the game
This is the big one! With this modifier active you still select a convoy but you don’t use its convoy cards. Instead when you start the run you pick from a random selection of cards to create a unique deck each time you play.

People have consistently been asking for a Draft mode and I really wanted to include one. I was thinking to make it its own game mode at first but it felt more at home as a modifier because it would then allow you to combine it with others more freely, and it would sometimes show up in the daily challenge.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Control Equipment

Apart from that I’ve also added two pieces of equipment that help support slower, more control-focused playstyles.

Thought Disruptor
This unnerving weapon uses technopathic principles to unleash a broadband mental attack on everyone caught in its radius.

It gives access to this power:
Thought Fracture: All followers suffer -3/-3.


Ennui Engine
A small dose of detatchment in the right place can increase combat performance by reducing concern for survival. Ethically highly questionable, unfortunately still effective.

It grants the following status effect:
Unmoved: When a wounded follower joins your side: They gain Taunt and Stoic but can no longer attack.


  • Faithful convoy: Replaced one Stalwart with a Steward.
  • Faithful convoy: Replaced Steadfast Ox with Shiram Crusader.
  • Added two new items to strengthen control builds.
  • Outcastes and Pioneers travel perk switched.
  • Zealous Frevor (Torchbearer) status effect only reduces convoy card cost by 1 (was 2).
  • Torchbearer has one more trigger of Zealous Fervor on Chosen and Burdened.
  • Bandit Executioner has one fewer trigger of Pain is Wisdom on Doomed.
  • Fear Campaign now discards a convoy AND a leader card on kill.


  • Added Draft screen to the game.
  • Modifier selector buttons + text larger.
  • Added convoy deck size to always show in conflict prep screen
    Convoy deck size counter now turns red if deck is empty.
  • Added popup when trying to start combat with an empty convoy deck.
  • Added missing keyword tooltips to some units.
  • Improved VFX on Marauder to distinguish the two triggers.
  • Changed Loyal Canine and Recall wording to be clearer.
  • Experimental support for Portugese added.

Bug fix

  • If both leaders die in the same action, you no longer win the combat.
  • Hitting pause in the frame when the victory screen appears no longer locks the game.
  • Starting a non-draft new game directly after drafting will no longer reuse the draft.
  • Furious Offense buff now triggers correctly.
  • Peaceful convoy perk now correctly grants Stoic and not Stealth.
  • Pioneers now get the right perk discounting luxury items, not food.
  • Can no longer hover the card the enemy played during big preview.
  • Added Œ and œ glyphs to font.
  • Loyalty Shift properly removes cards from enemy deck in all cases.

Download free Nowhere Prophet update 20.8 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.