Notruf 112 – Die Feuerwehr Simulation 2 Update Patch Notes

Notruf 112 – Die Feuerwehr Simulation 2 update 1.0.13631 (November 26, 2021) released on PC players. According to the official Notruf 112 game patch notes, the latest update added various fixes for errors and bugs. Today’s Notruf 112 patch 1.0.13631 also includes various stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added new features and bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Notruf 112 patch 1.0.13631 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Notruf 112 Patch Notes (Nov 26, 2021) –

  • Error fixed: POL and OKW not usable
  • Error fixed: Helmet lamp not usable
  • Bug fixed: KI sometimes does not reach the parking lot when deployed
  • Bug fixed: Clipping problem on some surfaces
  • Bug fixed: Save game was not saved
  • Bug fixed: Some assets were not loaded correctly (tree01)
  • Improved fire balancing during car fire
  • Optimized external views (F3/F4) while driving
  • Added missing radio texts
  • New use: small area fire
  • Engine update to the Unity 2021.1.24f1
  • Terrain of FF prepared
  • Adjustments to the terrain
  • Added static objects in the world
  • Bugs fixed: Crash at apartment fire apartment 07
  • Bug fixed: Sound problems of fire extinguishers
  • Bug fixed: Paramedic stuck behind door
  • Bug fixed: Crash when escorting an NPC
  • Occlusion culling renewed
  • Defective” foam pipes removed
  • Bug fixed: Rare crashes when using thermal imaging camera
  • Bug fixed: Crash when quickly changing units in modding area
  • Bug fixed: Controller blocked in rare cases after changing units
  • Bug fixed: Incorrect rotation of avatar on ladders
  • Bug fixed: Settings control could not be reset
  • Bug fixed: Waypoints not loaded at mission location
  • Bug fixed: Location walk targets did not trigger under some circumstances
  • Bug fixed: Avatar got stuck in stairwell during apartment fire
  • Bug fixed: Front door could not be opened in case of apartment fire
  • Bug fixed: Dismounting was possible before squad arrived on scene
  • Bug fixed: Stretcher with patient was not unloaded at the hospital
  • Bug fixed: Connecting the distributor in impossible places
  • Bug fixed: AI runs over traffic barriers at the scene of an operation
  • Bug fixed: Floating branches during tree sawing operation
  • Bug fixed: WBK does not move when activated a second time
  • Bug fixed: Radio announcements were displayed when units were inactive
  • Bug fixed: Radio announcements continue to play after reset
  • Bug fixed: Interior lighting on/off does not work
  • Bug fixed: Some slide bars were not usable
  • Bug fixed: “Open/close door” task was displayed incorrectly
  • Bug fixed: Speedometer display was not fully functional
  • Bug fixed: Paramedic got stuck in dialog
  • Bug fixed: WASD in modding window activated buttons
  • Bug fixed: Already executed commands could be selected again in TV
  • Bug fixed: Setting for ‘Highlight objects’ had no effect
  • Bug fixed: Ingame menu could be moved horizontally
  • Barriers at the guard now also work without deployment
  • OKW and POL removed from status monitor
  • Warning light on the roof terrace does not blink permanently anymore
  • Parking and block positions at deployment locations have been adjusted
  • Acceleration and braking of the AI has been adjusted
  • Temperature display at WBC improved, checks larger area and averages the value
  • Added missing highlights to interactions
  • Fixed incorrect calculation when looking around
  • Ventilation of the fire apartment revised
  • Fire traces of the apartment furnishings revised
  • AI now no longer tries to open doors with a chainsaw
  • Granny has learned to carry the cat basket
  • Fixed minor animation bugs
  • Fixed some clipping problems
  • Position of accident victims fixed
  • Fixed unavailable location inspections
  • Texture bug in the fire station fixed
  • The binder now performs a scatter effect
  • After sweeping, dirt now appears on the sweep set
  • Small fixes in the sweeping task
  • Blue collection bin is now easier to target
  • Small improvements in the game world
  • New missions improved
  • Bug fixed: Missing burn marks on cars
  • Bug fixed: Missing burn marks on doors
  • Bug fixed: Ventilation without effect
  • Performance improvements
  • Barriers and status monitors are functional
  • Texts and highlights at mission Apartment01 adjusted
  • Crash in dialogs fixed
  • Smoke in apartment fires improved
  • Smoke detectors in apartments added
  • Smoke detectors destroyed by fire
  • More missions reactivated: Container fires
  • AI vehicle behavior when forming the emergency lane improved

Download free Notruf 112patch 1.0.13631 is now available for download on PC.

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