No Place Like Home Update Patch Notes – August 6, 2021


No Place Like Home update (August 6, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official No Place Like Home patch notes, the latest update added a new map, 2 new main NPCs, a new type of resource, and more.

Previously, a big update added quality of life improvements and changes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues.

Today’s No Place Like Home patch will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


No Place Like Home Patch Notes (August 6, 2021)

New zone – WinterZone:
  • A new map divided into 4 sub-areas
  • 2 new main NPCs – Ornithologist and Botanist
  • A new type of resource – glass
  • New pocketcubes system for resources
  • 28 new quests – 4 quest chains and 7 standalone quests

  • We have reworked camera settings
  • Now Ellen is more centered on screen which helps in smoother camera action
  • We removed most of camera shaking (still need to work on that)
  • We improved camera work in small interiors (still work in progress)
  • We removed most of motion sickness inducing camera moves (still have one more to fix)
Crafting stations fixes:
  • We unified interactions with all crafting stations and blueprint shops.
  • Recycler now has interaction UI
  • You can now recycle any resource into recycled material.
  • We introduced pet food as a universal resource to feed pets. (you still need to tame them with specific food)
  • We fixed slightly arrow buttons in crafting stations
Robo Llamas!
  • We introduced into game robo llamas (as cubebots replacements)
    Each zone will get a robo llama workshop that will produce daily certain materials so you will never run out of them.
  • Farm has a special llama workshop that can duplicate any material you want.
  • We know there is abundance of materials at the moment but they will become very useful once we are done with economy balance update.

Bird Feeders!

We introduced back in game bird feeders. Now you can feed birds with any food and they will leave seeds for you to produce more of the same food.

New quest changes:
  • NPC noe can return to village once you finish their quests and fix their houses
  • Improved system for gaining new quests
  • New NPC Harald model

Few animation and combat tweaks (still WIP)

  • Division of winter zone to smaller zones.
  • Working on dividing game world into smaller zones.

Few changes to tutorial and introduction of infographics instead of text.


We had to rework completely lightning on all scenes but its working now as intended and each zone has its own lightning mood.
We had to temporarily remove shades from the game as we need to burn them on scenes and this process takes time but they will come back gradually with next updates.


Improved blueprints interface and icons so they can be better distinguished from crafting items.

New fast travel system:

Removed tents from game and added new fast travel system. Once unlocked on other side you will be able to fast travel from farm to other zones.

Smaller changes:
  • Fields are now bright if dry and dark with water texture once they are watered.
  • New object oultines to distinguish interactions – orange outline to highlight need to hit object and green to intereact.
  • Crops now automatically go into inventory after harvesting (no need to vacuum them anymore)
  • Quest items now require interaction instead of vacuuming.
  • Wild animals once tamed in required numbers will grant rewards of specific seeds.
  • New upgrade system for structures (construction tents)

Download free No Place Like Home patch on PC.