No Mans Sky Update 4.40 Patch Notes

A new No Man’s Sky update 4.40 details released for PS4, PS5(Version 4.040.000), PC, and Xbox One players. According to the official No Mans Sky 4.40 patch notes, the latest update brings new narrative missions, space combat features, salvage mechanics, and the ability to learn the Autophage language. Apart from this, No Man’s Sky version 4.40 also allows players to explore secret encampments, earn exclusive titles, and construct a unique Voltaic Staff.

Previously, a major free No Man’s Sky update 4.0 added a relaxed mode, overhauled inventories, revamped UI, and improved missions. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues. NMS patch 4.40 will fix a few of these issues.

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No Mans Sky 4.40 Patch Notes (4.040.000) – August 24, 2023

  1. Mechanical Lifeforms:
    • Introduces the Autophage, a hidden civilization of robotic beings with various styles.
  2. Outlaw Capital Ships:
    • Pirate Dreadnoughts roam deep space, attacking merchant fleets. Players can confront them and rescue civilians.
  3. Multi-Tool Salvaging:
    • New Multi-Tool Decommissioning Terminal for salvaging surplus weaponry and earning upgrades.
  4. They Who Returned:
    • Join Priest Entity Nada to investigate and learn about the robotic Autophage in a guided mission chain.
  5. Foveated Rendering for PSVR2:
    • Utilizes eye-tracking technology for better resolution and detail at the center of vision.
  6. Starship Combat Depth:
    • Players can divert power to engines, shields, or weapons during combat for tactical advantage.
  7. Trench Run:
    • Allows players to attack outlaw Dreadnoughts by flying directly into their superstructure.
  8. Voyagers Expedition:
    • New expedition to explore and catalog unique marvels in the universe for rewards.
  9. Exclusive Expedition Rewards:
    • Participate in the Voyagers expedition to earn exclusive rewards for bases, companions, and more.
  10. Atlantid Multi-Tool:
    • A new class of Multi-Tool available in various variations.
  11. Holographic Museum:
    • Construct a display for showcasing discoveries and exhibit Portal Glyphs.
  12. Destructible Freighters:
    • All capital ships, including pirate Dreadnoughts, can be destroyed, yielding scrap after looting.
  13. Robotic Customization:
    • Engage in assignments and rituals to earn mechanical customization parts and create a unique avatar.
  14. Precision Freighter Combat:
    • Tactical space combatants can target and disable individual freighter modules.
  15. Autophage Medals:
    • Earn reputation with the Autophage faction by completing missions and tasks.
  16. Voltaic Staff:
    • New class of two-handed Multi-Tool earned through rituals.
  17. Outlaw Reputation:
    • Players can engage in piratical activities to impress the outlaws of the universe.
  18. Capes on Switch:
    • Capes can be equipped by players on Nintendo Switch and Vy’keen avatars.
  19. Pirate Frigates:
    • Destroying pirate Dreadnoughts leads to recruiting pirate frigates for player fleet.
  20. Autophage Visions:
    • Infuse monoliths with Atlantideum for visions about Autophage history.
  21. Nintendo Switch Visual Improvements:
    • Improved image quality and smoother framerates using AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0.
  22. Dazzling Jetpack Trails:
    • New jetpack trails with various effects and visuals.
  23. Autophage Assignments:
    • Complete procedurally generated missions for the Autophage faction for rewards.
  24. Universal Secret:
    • Cloaked Autophage encampments can be found across planets using Autophage scan technology.
  25. Rebuilt Exosuit Modules:
    • Autophage constructs offer upgrade packages in exchange for Void Motes.
  26. No Escape for the Wicked:
    • Outlaw Dreadnoughts attempt to flee when critically damaged.
  27. Autophage Language:
    • Learn the unique language of the Autophage with hundreds of new words.
  28. Colossal Space Cannons:
    • Pirate fleets bring new weaponry, including heat cannons and torpedoes.
  29. Twitch Drops:
    • Watch No Man’s Sky streams on Twitch to earn in-game rewards.
  30. Freighter Shields:
    • Capital ships activate anti-spacecraft shields for protection.
  31. Personal Refiner Upgrades:
    • Personal Refiner Mk 2 allows dual-input refining on the move.
  32. Create Your Own Staff:
    • Seek and salvage components to assemble a unique Multi-Tool staff.
  33. Pirate Capital Ships:
    • Pirate Dreadnought capital ships appear in the galaxy with unique technology.
  34. Quality of Life & UI Improvements:
    • Several UI improvements, controller support, and refining recipes added.
  35. Rendering & Performance Optimizations:
    • Various rendering and performance improvements on different platforms.
  36. Bug Fixes:
    • Numerous bug fixes for crashes, missions, UI, and other aspects of the game.

Download free No Mans Sky update 4.40 on Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One.

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