Patch Notes

No Man’s Sky 1.54 Patch Notes for PS4, PC & Xbox One


No Man’s Sky update 1.54 is now rolling out for players on PC. These fixes will be available on PS4 and Xbox One later. According to the official No Man’s Sky 1.54 patch notes, the new hotfix contains fixes for the several issues related save games, stuttering/lag, client bugs, game crashing, and UI bugs. In addition, No Man’s Sky version 1.54 also includes stability improvements. Check out more details below.

Previously, a big update was released which introduced a full multiplayer experiencenear-unlimited base buildingcommand of freighter armadasa graphical overhaul and more. Unfortunately, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play. Today’s No Mans Sky patch 1.54 is expected to fix all these issues.

No Man’s Sky 1.54 update Patch Notes

Bug fixes:

  • Fix for crash while reloading mission markers from save
  • Fix for issue where invalid characters could be inserted into a save, causing it to fail to load
  • Switched to using lockless small block allocator for physics to reduce memory footprint
  • Fix for occasional crash when looking up data about substances in UI pages
  • Fix to restore savegames for players affected by a specific issue with freighter expeditions
  • No Man’s Sky update 1.54 added a fix for an occasional white screen crash during loading
  • Fix for frigates not reporting their damaged state correctly
  • Fix for an issue that could block players in the “fuel the warp drive” stage of the tutorial
  • No Man’s Sky version 1.54 added a fix for repairing broken ship slots in Creative Mode
  • Improvements to exocraft laser damage
  • Improvements for animations while turning, jetpacking, and standing on objects
  • No Man’s Sky 1.54 added memory optimizations to improve stability
  • Preventative fix for potential stability issue with mission handling

No Man’s Sky update 1.54 is now available for download on PC.