Nioh 2 Update 1.22 Patch Notes (Nioh 2 1.22)

Nioh 2 Update 1.22 Patch Notes (Nioh 2 1.22)


Nioh 2 update 1.22 is now rolling out on PS4. According to the official Nioh 2 1.22 patch notes, the latest update brings some minor gameplay changes and bug fixes. Apart from this, Nioh 2 version 1.22 also includes stability improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with a long list of changes. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Nioh 2 version 1.22 is expected to fix these issues.

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Nioh 2 Patch 1.22 Notes


Adjustments related to martial arts [sword]

  • Adjusts the damage when the sword technique “Yasha 1 character” is accumulated to the maximum, slightly speeding up the attack operation
  • Adjusted so that it may be attacked by the time the attack of the sword technique “So-cri” occurs, and the attack operation is slightly faster

【Two Swords】

  • Adjust the damage of the two swordsmanship “Heavy and Ten Characters” up
  • Adjusted the damage of the two swordsmanship “Raijin” up
  • Adjusted the amount of water-shaped sword attacks to be reduced when against enemies.


  • Adjusted the damage and 娑 damage of the spear fighting technique “Grandma’s Three Steps” up.
  • Adjust the meozo damage of the spear martial arts “Naryama” up
  • Slightly faster attack operation of spear fighting “Kaya-payer”


  • Increased the attack range and attack detection time of the impact wave of the axe martial arts “Kumawei”, and adjusted the force damage and collapse up

Adjust the amount of advance and homing at the time of maximum accumulation of axe martial arts “Arakoma” up

Adjust the damage and break of the axe martial arts “Bow Hand Crushing” up


Speed up the operation immediately after activating the axe martial arts “Turning”, and then extend the duration of the effect that can shorten the accumulation time when linking to “Martial arts corresponding to △long press”

[Chain sickle]

  • Shortens the gap before and after the attack of the chain sickle martial arts “Water God Kick”, and adjusts damage and mea power damage up
  • Increased damage, megy damage, and homing of the “Stormy Whirlwind” chain kama martial arts
  • Upper adjustment of the crumbling and homing of the chain sickle martial arts “Red Camellia”

【Large Sword】

  • The guard judgment of the large sword fighting technique “Im immeable attitude” is has been made faster, and the energy consumption is reduced when the attack which cannot be played is received.
  • Reduced the damage dealt while poised by the Great Sword Martial Arts “Unyoken”, and adjusted the rate at which damage, meost damage, collapse, and attack occur when strengthening. Shortened the timing of the remaining heart


  • Increased damage and mea damage of the SuraRen Maiku technique
  • Increased the accumulation of attributes of the “Ranshi” technique


  • Adjusted the damage of the hatchet martial arts “Onigami Doraku” up
  • Upper adjustment of the homing of hatchet martial arts “Swarm Wolf” and “Swarm Wolf Ni”
  • Adjusted the damage of hatchet martial arts “CrabBushi” up to make it easier to hit all stages
  • Reduced the accumulation time of the hatchet martial art “Ishiku Chinrai”
  • Shorten the timing of transitioning to martial arts when a martial art that is put out of the sword state is put out of the sword state

【Naginata Kama】

  • Increased damage and attack speed of The Naginata Kamatake Technique “Flow Maifeng”
  • Adjusted the damage of the Naginata Kamatake technique “Mooni”.

Adjusted the damage balance between slashing and throwing of The 3,000-Wind Sword

After throwing the Naginata Kamabu technique “Ran-Uchiwa”, the enemy approaches the player’s side when the naginata sickle that returns to hand hits the enemy.

Shortened the time when the naginata kamatake technique “3,000 wind”, “empty leg”, and “turbulent ring” can remain and can return from stiffness


Shorten the timing of transitioning to martial arts when a martial art that is put out of the sword state is put out of the sword state


    • Adjust the amount of 豺 increase in the armor martial arts “2010 Wolf Hand”

Adjustments to The Fall of Prison

    • Increased the upper limit of the + value of the equipment to 120, and increased the + value increase by “+ value correction of the equipment to be dropped” in “Bounty of the Nethert”
    • Increased the number of drops of “Ruri of the Netherbu” in “Naga prison”
    • Regarding the “Reimeitan” that can be 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    • Changed the number of “Nio no Yumeji” picture scrolls to drop from the boss of “Nagi prison”
    • Boss’s picture scroll drop rate increases in probability when defeating enemies on the higan of “Nagi prison”

Adjustments to Nio’s Dream Path

Adjust the + value of the equipment you drop in Nio’s Dream Path up and adjust the mission difficulty accordingly

When you clear “What is reflected in the eyes” of “Nio’s Dream Road”, 108 “Ruri of the Netherfu” will be awarded as a
reward ※ If you have already cleared it, it will be granted on the base screen after applying the update.


Re-baking adjustments

    • Adjusted some of the special effects candidates that appear when re-burning shinho armor to appear higher numbers after the release of Nio no Yumeji

Other adjustments

    • Adjusted the probability of special effects “Purifying” and “Granting Youkai Attributes” by weapon type
    • The drop rate of rarity “Shinho” of “Soul fee” is adjusted up.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where derived attacks when the opponent was out of mind could not activate normally for the “Shirasagi Kick” and “Empty Legs” techniques.
  • Fixed an issue where martial arts derived from fast and strong attacks could not be entered at specific times

Fixed a bug where Rakshasaten would appear even if it was not pressed long when pulling out from the sword stand while the naginata kamatake technique “Rakshasaten” was set.


Fixed a bug that would not be derived from a pair of fights when against an enemy who was out of power with the spear fighting technique “Taraku-uchi”

Fixed an issue where spear fighting “Kaya-payer” could be lost when used in a specific location, crashing through the ground

Fixed an issue where “Phantom” youkai could not activate accumulating attacks normally


Fixed a bug in “Naga prison” where there was a hierarchy where no items were discharged from The Amrita

Fixed an issue that caused application errors when dedried in the boss area of The Phantom Devil Tower in Yumeji of Enlightenment

  • Fixed a bug that could cause edas to not be displayed and could not progress if worshiped at the company immediately using “Dosojin no Tag” in the submission “Dosojin no Tag”
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the company to be determined as a fatal error again in rare case immediately after returning to the company after the fatal fall
  • Fixed an issue where the button display of the description of the “Bite Dragon Break” technique was incorrect (specific language only)
  • Fixed crashing issues.
  • Addressed stuttering and lag fixes.
  • Addressed framerate drop issues.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Other minor under the hood fixes.

Nioh 2 update 1.22 is now available for download on for PS4 and Xbox One.