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Nioh 2 Update 1.20 Patch Notes (Nioh 2 1.20)


Nioh 2 update 1.20 for PS4 is now available for download. According to Nioh 2 1.20 patch notes, the latest update added support for 3rd DLC and fixes related to AI, crashing as well as movements. Apart from this, Nioh 2 version 1.20 also includes a new difficulty, called Dream of Nioh, new Guardian Spirits, new Yokai, and more.

Previously, a big update added Darkness in the Capital DLC and a long list of bug fixes. The last patch also added a new High difficulty mode as well as new weapons, armor, and accessories. Recently, a hotfix was also released.

Unfortunately, players are still facing multiple issues with the game. Nioh 2 version 1.20 will fix a few of these issues.


Nioh 2 1.20 Patch Notes


Added support for 3rd DLC

The following items will be added in the third DLC.

  • Story “Tai’s First Samurai Secret History”
  • High difficulty mode “Nio’s Dream Road”
  • New Youkai, Yokai Technique, Soul
  • A New Guardian Spirit
  • New weapons, armor, and accessories
  • New Secret Book Skills
  • End Content “Nagi prison”
  • New gestures and appearances
  • New Trophies, Titles and Play Records
  • Special effects and alignment effects granted to equipment and picture scrolls available in “Nio no Yumeji” and “Nagi prison”
Free update
  • Added new martial arts skills (all weapon types)
  • Added new ninjutsu skills and yin and yang skills
  • Added new “hairstyle”, “face decoration” and “body decoration” to the appearance settings
  • Added the function to play the played thought Amrita voice again in the menu setting “Thought Amrita Voice”.
  • Added a function to enable / disable some martial arts that cannot be customized because there is no command frame on the skill acquisition screen.
  • Adjustments related to youkai and guardian spirits
    • Fixed a bug where power damage increased according to the mission level for guardian spirits and some youkai skills, and now power damage increases as the player grows for all youkai and guardian spirits. Change
  • Adjustments for each youkai technique
    • Cost mitigation adjustment
      General Seto
      White Tiger
      Yomi Raijin
    • Increased damage
      Gozu demon
      ghost demon
      Seto Gen.
    • Speed up the attack speed
      ghost demon
  • Player adjustments
    • Adjusted to temporarily release the opponent’s “difficulty” when hitting a martial art that is derived when the opponent’s energy is cut off
    • Adjusted the production to make it easier to understand the success of the back martial art “Hiiragi”
    • Adjusted the back martial art “Evil Demon Slayer” to make it easier to hit enemies during lock-on.
    • Adjusted the Kusarigama martial art “Gale Kick” to make it easier to hit
  • Adjustments about the enemy
    • Adjusted so that lightning does not fall when the feat is successful for a big skill that involves a lightning strike of “Nue”
  • Mission-related adjustments
    • Adjusted the number of mission clears required to open each difficulty level
    • Adjusted the number of item drops when defeating some bosses that have no difficulty
    • Adjusted various tutorials at the beginning of the game to be displayed at a more appropriate timing
    • Change the enemy who uses the big move first according to the tutorial timing change of the big move at the beginning of the game
    • Addition of “Instruction” function to “Company”
      During the mission, you can transition to the tutorial mission of the training ground.
      * After clearing the main game, it will change to “Stone of Difficulty”.
  • Adjustments related to various effects and abnormal conditions
    • Adjusted the damage of the special effect “Iwagashi” at high count, the duration of the advantageous effect, and the grace period for increasing the count after guarding.
    • Increased the amount of additional energy recovery for the special effect “Deep Heart”
    • Added the ability to increase the power damage of martial arts to the special effect “Deep of Takeshi”
    • Added the ability to activate “Zanshin / Heaven”, “Zanshin / Mind”, and “Zanshin / Earth” to the special effect “Deepness of Technique” even if the maximum recovery of energy is not successful.
    • Changed the following special effect names and descriptions from “attack reflection” to “damage reflection” Damage reflection (Amritagauge
      Damage reflection (magical power)
      Damage reflection (bow damage)
      Damage reflection (lost health rate)
      Damage reflection (anti-poison ) )
      * Only the name has been changed, and the actual effect content has not changed.
    • Adjusted the effect of the special effect “Reflecting the amount of added magic power (Amritagauge)” downward.
    • For the special effects “Addition of magical power when hitting an arrow” and “Addition of magical power when hitting an arrow or item”, the amount of magical power added when activated by a youkai technique has been adjusted downward.
    • Adjusted the effect value of the special effect “Magic power addition amount (undamaged)” given to the soul fee upward.
    • If you recover from paralysis with items etc., adjust so that you will not be paralyzed again for a certain period of time
    • Changed to show some special effects that did not appear in “Reburn” of rarity “Kamiho”
    • When the rarity is increased by the special effect “Soul-matching and inheriting rarity”, the value of the special effect is changed to the value equivalent to that rarity.
    • Adjusted so that special effects that enhance the youkai skill are not given to the souls who do not have the youkai skill.
    • Adjusted the duration of the Yin-Yang technique “Jyogaku” upward
  • Other adjustments
    • Adjusted the probability of getting “Hyakuki Yakou Emaki” and “Hyakuya no Kaori” from other players when playing with Marebito.
    • After opening the dream road of enlightenment, it is expanded so that “Shinboku spirit coal” can be forged using “Shards of sacred treasures” etc.
    • Expanded to display the number of picture scrolls in the picture scroll mission selection screen
    • Adjusted so that the appearance of “Fujiyoshiro” can be identified by the notation of the enemy in which “Hyakuki Yakou Emaki” appears.
    • Changed the setting to hide expenses and possessions in “Blacksmith”‘s “Copy” to fix it until the copy screen is exited.
    • Adjusted the martial arts that can be obtained when “Yoshitozuka” is used by other players
    • Changed to avoid being attacked by other players while worshiping at the company during online multiplayer
Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug that the attack power of youkai and youkai techniques was lower than expected when level sync was applied.
    • Fixed a bug where player characters could warp when switching weapons at specific times during action
    • Fixed a bug that the special effect that reduces energy consumption does not activate in the back martial art “White Tiger Claw”
    • Fixed a bug that the sword / back martial art “Iizuna Drop” would appear against youkai when a strong attack was input from the step.
    • Fixed a bug that hatchet evasion attacks may not be activated depending on the stance or sword removal state.
    • Fixed a bug where the damage of some guardian spirits called by the boss was lower than expected in high difficulty missions.
    • Fixed a bug that when the roasted ball and Kaiten powder thrown by “Oezo” are reflected by the effects of “Rebellion”, “Naginata Kama Martial Arts, Kaiten Blade”, they are split into multiple parts and reflected.
    • Fixed a bug that the sea moon powder thrown by “Oezo” can be reflected by the effect of “Repulsion” even after the explosion.
    • Fixed a bug that the feat may not succeed for the big skill of “Yomi Raijin”
    • Fixed a bug where if you attack immediately after defeating “Ushitooni” and “Matooni”, you can regroup.
    • Fixed a bug where shooting down “Ittan-momen” to the head with “Hamaya” could lead to continuous revenge.
    • Fixed a bug that the ghost bullets fired by “Yaksha” could not be canceled by attacks or “barriers”.
    • Fixed a bug that the player may look back immediately after the start of the boss battle if the left stick is pressed when transitioning to the boss area.
    • Fixed a bug that the achievement level of “Stone of Difficulty” is not accumulated when defeating certain “Fujiyoshiro (Yumeji Hen)” and “Kashinkyoshi”.
    • Fixed a bug in the boss battle of the main mission “Heian Palace Hell Weird” where the title “Yomi Raijin” could not be obtained when “Yomi Raijin” was completely defeated without losing his life from “Aya Doman”.
    • Fixed a bug in the submission “Sakurashita no Kien” where the key could not be obtained if the enemy lost his life or worshiped the company without picking up the key to drop.
    • Fixed a bug in the training ground mission “Darkness Creator” where the weapon used was fixed even though you had multiple wooden weapons.
    • Fixed a bug where “Azai Nagamasa” could fall off the stage on certain stages of the picture scroll mission.
    • Fixed a bug that the hill does not break in the picture scroll mission where “Ushioni” appears.
    • Fixed a bug where worshiping a company with certain procedures could prevent enemies in the uncleared darkness from resurrection.
    • Fixed a bug that the volume of some sounds may be reduced when attacked while worshiping the company
    • Fixed a bug where NPCs accompanying you could not get up and be rescued while they were down.
    • Fixed a bug where if you participate in a mission as “Marebito” while possessing “Stone of Difficulty”, only the enemy’s maximum health will be high and you may see that your health is reduced.
    • Fixed a bug that the special effect “Mystery” can be used while the special effect “Mystery” is activated.
    • Fixed a bug that the effect time of the special effects “Onmyodo” and “Ninjutsu” was extended by the mystery of “Yin and Yang”.
    • Fixed a bug where special effects that increase attribute damage did not work for youkai techniques.
    • Fixed a bug that inheritance does not occur when there is no grace or alignment effect even though there is a space in the special effect frame of the base in soul matching using the special effect “Soul Alignment and Grace Inheritance”.
    • Fixed a bug that the special effect that activates the advantageous effect when using Yin and Yang is activated even when using “Shinsei”.
    • Fixed a bug that the special effect “Persistence of disadvantageous effect” shortens the time of “Straw doll curse” of “Yaksha”.
    • Fixed a bug that the consumable item “Taionjin no Sake” couldn’t prevent abnormal conditions of pure and youkai attributes.
    • Fixed a bug in “Forging” of “Blacksmith” that the products made by forging may become the same at regular intervals.
    • Fixed a bug that “Customer level” does not increase even if you spend money in “Modify” of “Blacksmith”
    • Fixed a bug that the transplant destination may not be selected when transplanting is possible in “Soul Matching” where “Grace Inheritance” or “Rarity Inheritance” occurs.
    • Fixed a bug where “Bishamon Ji” and “Blood Sucker / Spider Cut” could not be obtained with normal drops.
    • Fixed a bug where the “robustness” of the armor “Armor of the Buddha’s Sincerity” and “Armor of the Tamura’s 裔” was incorrect when the rarity was “Most Great Specialty” or less.
    • Changed the weapon performance of the weapons “Oki Tachi” and “Kinagi Naginata Sickle” from being slashing to hitting.
    • Fixed a bug that the “Filtering” item may disappear in the “Auxiliary function” of the equipment screen under certain conditions.
    • Fixed a bug that something like a line might be displayed when the size of “Face decoration” in “Appearance settings” was reduced.
    • If you change the setting of “Short range weapon display” in “Game settings” to “Do not display when sword is delivered” and hold “Long range weapon” with “Hand back” equipped, the equipment will be hidden. Fixed a bug
    • Fixed other minor bugs
  • Fixed an issue related to movements.
  • Addressed a bug related to weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where the display around the shoulder could be temporarily stuck.
  • Fixed some crashing issues.
  • Addressed a bug where the direction of a specific door would change.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

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