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Nioh 2 1.11 Patch Notes (The Tengus Disciple DLC Update)

Nioh 2 1.11 update is now rolling out for PS4 players. According to the official Nioh 2 1.11 patch notes, the latest update brings “The Tengu’s Disciple” DLC and various tweaks, balancing and bug fixes. Apart from this, Nioh 2 version 1.11 also includes stability improvements.

Previously, a big update was released which added a new mission, new photo mode, and more. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Nioh 2 version 1.11 is expected to fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

What is new in Nioh 2 1.11 Patch Notes?


Added support for “The Tengu’s Disciple” DLC which includes a new weapon type called the Splitstaff. If you hold the attack button, the attacks will change into segmented ones. Attacks are split into two patterns, extending the reach of attacks & spinning the tip to increase hits.

Travel to the new coastal region of Yashima and go back in time to the final years of the Heian period. There, you’ll meet new allies, face fearsome yokai and discover the connection between the legendary Sohayamaru and Otakemaru.

Added over 10 challenging missions across three distinct new stages.

Face off against unique bosses, new yokai and brutal enemy variants.

Master a lethal new weapon type – the Splitstaff, and gear up with powerful new armor variants.

Find and unleash destructive new guardian spirits, yokai skills, Ninjutsu abilities and more.

  • Adjustments regarding youkai
    • Adjusted the following elements to increase/decrease the youkai gauge while becoming a youkai
      • Reduces gauge consumption over time, attacks, evasions, successful defenses, and guardian spirits
      • Increases gauge when feats and grouping are successful
      • Increase the gauge by hitting “Fanging” and △ long press attack while becoming a ferocious youkai
      • Slightly increased the gauge with some of the fast attacks and △ long press attacks while becoming a ghost of Xun
      • While becoming a phantom youkai, the gauge is slightly increased due to the hits of “Yougetsu Ring/Yo”, “Yogetsu Ring/Yin”, and △ long press attacks.
    • Adjusted the increase in the increase and decrease in the youkai gauge, adjusting the ease with which the youkai skill gauge accumulates during youkai, and the upper limit of the gauge recovery amount
    • Added specification that Amrita will be generated if you succeed in avoiding enemy’s attack while becoming Xin’
    • Changed so that special effects of guardian spirits and soul generation will be exerted between the end of youkai and the accumulation of amrita gauge
    • Adjusted the movement that appears when you press “Reposition” after moving after hitting the enemy with the moon ring
    • Changed to not increase/decrease the effect time of youkai gauge and youkai activation status while becoming a youkai
  • Adjustment related to difficulty
    • Strengthen correction of enemy’s physical strength and power when calling out to Marevito
    • Adjusted Samurai Yumeji’s early missions to make level sync stronger
  • Adjustments regarding player actions
    • Adjusted the growth of the guardian spirit attack power by raising it
    • Changed the reaction when applying the guardian spirit of “Kage” to humans and adjusted the energy damage upward
    • Changed so that damage and energy damage caused by youkai technique will not be corrected by the property of the weapon (slashing/striking)
    • Taito martial arts “Yukitsuki Hana” adjust downwards so that even during the second and third shots, even if the toughness is high
    • Added the ability not to dull while attacking if the toughness is high in the great sword martial arts “Tobuki”
    • Rush performance added to the following martial arts
      • Sword martial arts “Yasha Ichimonji” “Torashiri”
      • Spear martial arts “Kaitenki”
      • Great sword martial arts “Crash”
      • Martial arts martial arts “Suge” “Zetsuin Suge”
    • Adjusted downward when the following Yokai technique was too high when using against a guarded opponent
      • Coloring
      • Demon
      • Three eyes
      • Horse demon
      • Ushioni
      • Ushioni
      • Night sword god
      • Daedalaboch
  • Adjustments regarding enemy and ally characters
    • Adjusted to increase the attack frequency of NPC
    • “Honda Tadakatsu” earthquake attack adjusted so that it is hard to hit in the air
    • The amount of attack power increase effect used by “Rizo Saito” has been adjusted downward.
    • Adjusted the length of the suggestive effect displayed for some major skills used by “Gamo Ujisato”
    • Adjusted so that the attack of the “gaijin” can be reflected by the effects of “revenge note”, “sword of sword, martial arts, and heaven blade”, and can be nullified by the effect of “arrow guard”
    • Adjusted resistance to all human enemies
    • Changed the ninjutsu “Genjutsu, 5th Fire” used by “Kato Danzo” so that it can be prevented with the “immovable posture”
    • “Hachisuka Koroku” now has a special effect when it hits the back shell and the attack is blocked, and the accumulation of status abnormalities is reflected in the main body.
  • Adjustments for various effects and abnormal conditions
    • Adjusted “Melee damage to poison enemies” given to small items downward
    • Adjusted the fixed special effects of some equipment to improve performance according to item level
    • Changed the beneficial effect “Attack Augmentation” obtained with the guardian spirit “Amakuden Peacock” to be integrated with other “Attack Augmentation”, and adjusted the effect amount downward
    • Changed the beneficial effect “Defense Augment” obtained from the martial arts “Kongo” and the guardian spirit “Tenma Peacock” to be integrated with other “Defense Augment”
    • Changed the behaviors of the “Attack Augment” and “Non-attack” disadvantages to the variation of physical damage multiplier instead of the variation of attack power, and the effect amount is also adjusted
    • Changed the behaviors of the advantageous effect “enhancement defense” and the disadvantageous effect “decrease defense” to the variation of the physical damage multiplier instead of the variation of the defense power, and also adjust the effect amount
    • Abolished the specification that youkai cannot be used or youkai skills cannot be used during the abnormal condition of Jyo attribute and youkai will not recover
    • Changed the special effect of “Melee” to apply to the attack of throwing a hatchet
    • When the “Ambush Penetration” effect is added to a large cylinder, it will penetrate and explode multiple times.
    • Upward adjustment of the following special effects added to the soul generation
      • Drop rate from youkai
      • Equipment drop rate from youkai
    • Changed the special effect “Automatic recovery when in a difficult situation” and the effect of the item “Career” to not overlap
    • Increased the amount of magic power added to the special effect “Add magic power when the enemy is set to [Fire/Water/Thunder/You/Poison]”
    • Downward adjustment of the special effect “Damaged to receive damage (during youkai)” given to the soul generation
    • Changed the special effects that are activated by group attack to be activated by the following group attack
      • Ryu Fang
      • Ryuuzume
      • Ryukaku
      • Musou Futake
    • Changed the specification so that the special effect related to “Ambition Hit” is exerted when the firearm of the “Ghost Warrior” ghost technique hits the enemy
    • Adjusted the growth of the value according to the samurai’s evaluation of “Honda” samurai’s “martial arts damage” to be the same as other melee attack damage increase system
    • Adjusted the following samurai blessing effect values ​​upward
      • Oda, Tokugawa, Toyotomi, Sanada, Ishida, Otani, Asai, Maeda, Tachibana, Yoshikawa, Otomo, Shibata, Hojo, Takeda, Kitahata, Murakami, Niwa, Ashikaga, Ukita, Asakura, Hisashi, Ikeda, Araki
  • Other adjustments
    • Changed the condition to start the countdown for automatic departure of “Tsukuyo accompanied” when someone finishes
    • Changed so that you can’t use “Silver Bullion” in “Training Area”
    • Changed to not overwrite the frame where martial arts are already set when learning the secret book skill
    • Changed so that locked equipment can be selected by “Rehash” and “Modification” in “Blacksmith”
    • Changed the sort settings on each screen so that the settings can be retained by dividing them into three types: “Items that can be held together”, “Items that cannot be held together”, and “Favorites”.
    • Change the order of skills in the displayed skill list on the status menu “Skill acquisition” screen
    • Partially changed the order of Yin Yang surgery
    • Changed the position of the demon fire (fire) when sorting the soul generations by type
    • Changed to play skill video automatically
Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug that the spear’s “Opportunity” sometimes jumped over a downed opponent and could not hit
    • Fixed a bug that when the spear is equipped, if you perform a specific action with the mystery “changeable” set, it will switch to a posture different from the last posture
    • Fixed a bug where human enemies could not be interrupted by the guard during the spear martial arts “spear transformation”
    • Fixed a bug that the enemy sometimes fell into the spot without being thrown away when the energy of the enemy was cut off by the ax martial arts “Cloud Break”
    • Fixed a bug that the chain martial arts “Rantenryu” might not hit when used under certain conditions
    • Fixed a bug that the left back cannot be avoided in certain situations when equipped with a sickle
    • Fixed a bug that it was possible to switch weapons during the action of the sickle martial arts “snake bite”
    • Fixed a bug that the power reduction effect of “Sensen no Ki” of the Senki martial art is less than expected
    • Fixed a bug that some attack of hatchet is hard to hit weak points
    • Fixed a bug where if you change your attitude while performing an evasive action and attack immediately after equipping a hatchet, the attitude will return before the attitude changes
    • Fixed a bug that allowed you to set an ineffective martial arts customization skill for “Kiki”
    • Fixed a bug that if you try to move in the opposite direction when you are dashing while youkai, it may take time to move to the next action depending on the state of the player
    • Fixed a bug that attribute accumulation sometimes occurred while the opponent was not hit when using a special skill


    • Fixed a bug that the special skill might not succeed for the big skill of “Rizo Saito” and “Danzo Kato”
    • Fixed an issue where “Rizo Saito” and “Rieya Maeda” may become lethargic while still holding their energy
    • Fixed a bug that “Karato Zenjutsu” used by “Kato Danzo” cannot be repelled by “Refuto”
    • Fixed a bug that “Kato Danzo” does not activate the effect when using the “Transformation Technique” and defeating it by martial arts or specific counter martial arts
    • Fixed a bug that “Iaiai” used by “Tsukahara Uden” and “Shisoin Kosen (sword)” may not be hit
    • Fixed a bug that “Tatari Moke” and “Kuratengu” did not move to the paralyzed state even if they met the paralyzing condition in the air.
    • Fixed a bug that certain special skill of “Tank” is difficult to return with phantom special skill
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an iron ball to fly backward from the “Revenge” attack
    • Fixed a bug that the attack with the gourd of “Sake Douji” might not hit if it was in close contact
    • Fixed a bug where Amrita, who was robbed during the “Daigo Hanami” boss battle, can not be recovered even if it is destroyed without killing
    • Fixed a bug where the ghost of “Kamame” may not disappear after defeating “Kamame”
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused damage when activating “Boar Twist” for “Kamame”


    • Fixed a bug that sometimes revived even if you killed “Biwamaki” in the darkness
    • Fixed a bug where in the main mission “Daigo Hanami”, after shooting a gun or a large barrel in a specific area, the technique of “Transparent Wave” can be immediately solved.
    • Fixed a bug where “Sneaking” was not displayed in the boss area in the main mission “Eye Reflection”
    • Fixed a bug that “Tadakatsu Honda” may not be displayed on the guest side in the main mission “Omotenashi (front and back) hospitality”
    • Fixed a bug that an item may drop in a position where it cannot be acquired in the delivery mission “Ryobei ​​no Kizuna”
    • Fixed a bug that two key items “Foreign Necklace” can be obtained by a specific procedure
    • Fixed a bug that the sound is played each time you pick up the soul of “Sake Douji”
    • Fixed a bug that Aiman ​​sometimes did not drop the Soul Soul from “Ushioni” in the mission “Sakura no Sakura”
    • Fixed a bug that the correct rarity was not displayed on the reward screen of mission information
    • Fixed a bug in the mission clear rewards for the second and subsequent missions of the Submissions “Bat and Butterfly”, “Remaining Snow and Red Ruts”, and the Master Mission “Nijo no Kengo”


    • Fixed a bug that the filter strength value of “Photo mode” was common to all filters.
    • Fixed the problem that the default brightness of “Photo mode” was different from the expected value.
    • Fixed a bug that caused some throwing weapons to behave differently from usual when thrown with “frame advance of motion” in “Photo mode”
    • Fixed a problem that could not be operated when opening “Photo mode” immediately before the death of the user
    • Fixed a bug that does not play properly when entering the event scene while “Photo mode” is active in Tokuyo


    • Fixed a bug where Amrita saved in “Silver Bullion” could be lost in rare cases
    • Fixed a problem that the cost may increase by 1 when multiple specific techniques are adjusted with “Technique”
    • Fixed a bug that the same effect as the current special effect may be drawn in the selection list when performing “Rehabilitation” in “Blacksmith”
    • Fixed a problem that “Operation of the Soul” is disabled after performing “Toyoyo’s Enchanted Items” screen after enshrining “Tosho no Yodai”
    • Fixed a bug that the decoration moves to the wrong position when changing the “body part” in the body decoration item of “Appearance settings”
    • Fixed a bug that the behavior when filtering with the item name of “Filtering” is not unified in “Sale” and “Disassembly” of weapons in “Blacksmith”
    • Fixed a bug that the message “Applying filtering” is not displayed when filtering when disassembling a weapon in “Blacksmith”
    • Fixed a bug that the “Favorite” setting of the surgical item set in “Technical skill” would come off at a specific timing
    • Fixed a bug that “Manufacturing method” can be added to Favorites
    • Even if there is no change in the acquisition status of martial arts before and after calling “configuration management”, “customize martial arts”! Fixed the problem that the mark is displayed
    • Fixed a bug that the equipments “Dogi Jacket” and “Dogi Hakama” that were obtained by illegal methods can be obtained from Blood Tossuka
      • If the save data has already been obtained, the corresponding equipment will be automatically converted into “Unarmor armor trunk” and “Unrelated armor knee shell”
      • We have already implemented measures to prevent unauthorized acquisition.


  • Corrected the symptom that the special effect with low effect was given priority when the same type of advantageous effect was added at the same time with Yin Yang technique item and special effect.
  • Fixed a bug that the special effect “Aggression boosted by exhaustion of enemies” did not activate when defeated by youkai skill
  • Fixed the special effect “Damage to enemies with abnormal status (fire/water/thunder)” not applied to long-range weapons
  • Fixed a bug that the special effect “Guard and add power” does not add power when guarding long-distance attacks (bows, guns, etc.), Yin Yang, Ninjutsu
  • Special effects “Additional power when you turn an enemy into [Fire/Water/Thunder/Youth/Poison]” and “Additional power when you give [Fire/Water/Thunder/Poison] damage” are not added when the conditions are met by youkai Fixed bug
  • Fixed a bug that the effect does not activate even if you hit the “Gourmet Invitation Mark” or “Bill of 99” for the special effect that is activated on Yin Yang
  • Fixed a bug that the special effect of “Attack rise” system is not reflected in youkai
  • Fixed a phenomenon that the beneficial effect disappears if you apply a certain Yokai skill while the beneficial effect “Zanshin/Heaven” is active
  • Fixed a bug that the beneficial effect of the hot spring is activated when entering the hot spring even if the “Sexual Mark” is in effect
  • Fixed a problem that not only energy damage but also guard penetration damage can be prevented when guarding while the effect of “Zanshin/Human”
  • Fixed a bug that the purification attribute was not lost during the abnormal condition of the youth attribute
  • Fixed the problem that the Amrita gauge recovery effect of “Soul-Swinging Stone” becomes faster during multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug that the titles “Living and killing”, “Undefeated traverser”, “Lonely challenger”, and “Naked warrior” can be obtained with Marebito and Tokiyo accompanied halfway
  • Fixed a bug that when you activate “Transformation Techniques”, “Youkai activation with physical strength 0 (in darkness)” may be activated at the same time
  • Fixed the problem that if you use the “self-defense code”, the special effects “prevent death if it is not in a predicament” and “activate a youkai with zero physical strength (in darkness)” will prevent fatal damage with the self-defense code.
  • A new hack’n’slash mode where you clear scroll missions to get equipment, can also get other users’ scrolls with multiplayer
  • More parts added for avatar creation
  • Yokai Shift enhancements
  • Option to continue after failing co-op stages
  • Option to change the motion for entering hot springs (mentioned orally)
  • Addressed game crashing issues.
  • Fixed framerate related issues.
  • Addressed audio related issues.
  • Fixed stuttering and lag issues.
  • Performance and stability improvements added.
  • Various under the hood fixes.

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