Nine to Five Patch Notes (New Update – Sep 2, 2021


Nine to Five update (Sep 2, 2021) is now available to download on PC. According to the official Nine to Five patch notes, the latest update added new Weekend Tasks, “Tac 10 Cerro Torre” and “Tac 10 Fitz Roy” armor sets. Apart from this, the Nine to Five game patch also includes stability fixes.

Nine to Five game servers are currently down. We will update the Nine to Five server status details here.

Previously, a major update added various fixes for crashes and more. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch.


Today’s Nine to Five patch will address a few of these errors.

Nine to Five Changelog – Sep 2, 2021

  • Optimized memory usage and game size
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed getting stuck on login screen when the login fails
  • Fixed various issues with character facial hair
  • Fixed the flames from the server drop remaining for too long after landing
  • Fixed eyelashes sometimes not following the blink animations
  • Fixed detached heads on dead bodies
  • Fixed character hair not being lit properly in the main menu
  • Made Old New York more common in the matchmaking
  • Fixed players sometimes being thrown out of matchmaking when a Shift is found
  • Removed weapon offers for platinum
  • Increased the number of credits you get when leveling up
  • Fixed incapacitations not counting progress in missions
  • Added “Tac 10 Cerro Torre” and “Tac 10 Fitz Roy” armor sets to be available for purchase with credits
  • Increased weapon switching speed across all weapons
  • Fixed various cases of being unable to build barriers in Stage 3 of Bioweapon Breakout due to them being blocked
  • Fixed a case where you could get assist when an enemy killed a player you had pinged
  • Fixed toggle sprint causing jittering when leaning and strafing
  • Fixed Specter system not hiding player from drones & manual pings
  • Fixed sniper scope sway stuttering at times
  • Fixed reload time for ML-TACSG Shotgun
  • Fixed player being able to destroy the combat companion during the tutorial
  • Fixed objective outline sometimes reflecting an enemy weapon
  • Fixed being unable to spawn drone after dying
  • Fixed being able to shoot through the objective in stage 1 of Bioweapon Breakout
  • Fixed being able to get stuck in the tutorial by placing the med station behind a door
  • Fixed being able to get stuck behind the transmitter objective in Health & Safety in the bar in Old New York
  • Fixed a rare case where hacking device would keep counting down despite being destroyed when the owning team was eliminated
  • Fixed a rare case of team being dead before stage start
  • Shooting targets in tutorial are now highlighted
  • Improved iron sights on “The Butler” pistol
  • Fixed model clipping on Imperator Rubber Grip part
  • Fixed ML-TACSK Shotgun Extended magazine part not attached to weapon in 3rd person view
  • Fixed ADS breaking on ML-BA308 when aiming immediately after shooting
  • Fixed “Mister Nine” Makeshift Grip showing laser sight light next to the grip
  • Fixed various issues with character poses in the main menu
  • Fixed weapon staying above the head while the player is throwing the grenade.
  • Fixed various issues with weapons clipping with characters
  • Fixed various animation issues Lead Lover “Don’t be a Karen” edition
  • Fixed ML-BA308: reloading SFX getting stuck after switching to secondary weapon and back while reloading
  • Fixed incorrect grenade throwing animation when using the drone picture-in-picture view
  • Fixed grenade throwing animation not shown properly in spectator mode
  • Fixed broken reload animations for ‘The Canary’ SMG
  • Fixed ammo shells in ML-TACSG Shotgun reload
  • Improved character poses in loadout screen
  • Improved animations on “Lead lover” SMG
  • Improved ADS animations on MLPDW9 SMG “Street” variation
  • Increased the overall audio volume
  • Increased footstep volume
  • Small improvements to player hit sounds
  • Improved the audio for “Noise Reduction” stat in weapons
  • Fixed timer sound getting stuck throughout the shift
  • Fixed silencers not working
  • Fixed oracle voice not always following the selected settings
  • Fixed missing audio occlusion for items and explosions
  • Fixed friendly ping not using the correct voice set
  • Fixed dead players having a voice over for pinging
  • Fixed capture timer sound getting ended prematurely
  • Added proper sounds for vaulting and landing
  • Settings now say “Back” in the button when you no changes to be applied
  • Added ability to unbind keybindings with DEL key
  • Added tooltips for help buttons in the ESC menu
  • Added loading screen for loading into the main menu
  • Added icons for certain keyboard and mouse keybindings in the HUD
  • Improved ping accessibility settings
  • Improved the naming of armor sets in the bundle view thumbnails in marketplace
  • Improved the Drone Detector icon
  • Improved the briefing map UI
  • Improved error message when contact request fails
  • Fixed weapons not sorting properly in Loadouts
  • Fixed weapon efficiency showing wrong value in the weapon stats in Arms depot
  • Fixed the Union Foundry ‘The Canary’ SMG named ‘Helix’ in shop
  • Fixed teammate’s highlights visible in pre match screen if team’s spawn point behind shown area
  • Fixed skipping loadout tutorial not creating a loadout in the list
  • Fixed reconnected player’s name written as bright in HUD Team panel
  • Fixed reconnected player being unable to see other players in the HUD team panel
  • Fixed prematch screen sometimes showing duplicate playernames
  • Fixed prematch screen sometimes not showing other players latest loadout
  • Fixed player name sometimes disappearing from the HUD team panel
  • Fixed performance tab briefly displaying default values when entering main menu
  • Fixed objective outline visible at stage results screen
  • Fixed new shop offers not appearing when in the menu while the timer refreshes
  • Fixed missing “Press F” to climb prompt missing on certain ladders
  • Fixed killfeed text being cut-off when there are 5 kills shown
  • Fixed extra characters in the background of prematch screen in Varmstadt
  • Fixed ESC not returning to previous menu page on some screens
  • Fixed counter on the notification badge in the shop showing “1” even when all shop items are checked
  • Fixed being unable to send contact request at the end of shift screen
  • Fixed “auto-detect” button not showing the whole text on certain resolutions

Download free Nine to Five update for PC (Steam).