Nightmare Reaper Update 2.28 Patch Notes – Official

    A new Nightmare Reaper update 2.28 released on PC (Steam). According to the official Nightmare Reaper patch notes, the latest update added a new quit level option, changes for explosive ammo, and various bug fixes.

    Since the last patch, players were facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Nightmare Reaper patch 2.28 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Nightmare Reaper Patch 2.28 Notes – April 13, 2022

    – Added quit level option.
    – Changed explosive ammo to reduce screen shake.
    – Changed electric tank enemy to reduce screen shake of its railgun attack.
    – Changed intensity of low quality fog to reduce it.
    – Fixed crash when worms would try to unburrow in the void.
    – Fixed crash with puzzle trap cube.
    – Fixed crash related to melee enemies that friendly fire.
    – Fixed crash when using the mouse wheel in weapon interface with no weapons.
    – Fixed freeze when using explosive weapons.
    – Fixed issue where red grappling hook wouldn’t work if you never picked up the blue one.
    – Fixed issue where homing projectiles that bounce would hit the target every frame.
    – Fixed issue where being crouched or shielded would stay in nightmare reaper mode.
    – Fixed issue where there could be missing pages.
    – Fixed issue where boss blue orb wouldn’t destroy wall.
    – Fixed issue where you’d need to have unspent jade to get the jade achievements.
    – Fixed issue where round progress in flesh arena wouldn’t be saved.
    – Fixed issue where bouncing fireball decal would never be removed and caused performance issues.
    – Fixed issue where weapons with multiple projectiles and explosive ammo would do almost no damage.
    – Fixed issue where smart gun magazines would ignore player self splash damage protection.
    – Fixed issue where some savegames required the final level to be played twice.
    – Fixed issue where you couldn’t aim with the gamepad if the player was slowed down.
    – Fixed issue where weapon wheel would be stuck if nightmare reaper was picked up during it.
    – Fixed issue where weapons wouldn’t come back up after being shocked with weapon sway off.
    – Fixed issue where invisible light was visible in space room.
    – Fixed issue where lock pentagram could spawn behind boat in warzone room.
    – Fixed issue where objects could block path in other rooms in underground levels.
    – Fixed issue where level couldn’t be completed if player could keep two weapons, but only one met the requirements.
    – Fixed issue where you could get stuck when ledge grabbing.
    – Fixed issue where fireball book’s alt fire could make enemies, and thus the player, burn for way too long.

    Download free Nightmare Reaper update 2.28 on PC(Steam).

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