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NHL 22 Known Issues, Bugs, and Fixes (Updated)

EA NHL 22 is now available to download on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC. Unfortunately, players are facing error codes, lag, crashes, and various issues with the game. Today, we have compiled a list of NHL 22 known issues, bugs, and how you can fix them.


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List of NHL 22 Bugs, Glitches, and Known Issues (Updated)

NHL 22 Stuck on Syncing Screen

Unable to play NHL 22 online due to syncing issues with an error.


Cannot Edit NHL 22 HUT Lineup

Unable to edit Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) lineup and save it. Also, there are reports of game crashes altogether when changing HUT lineup.

Missing Jersey Numbers in NHL 22

Jerseys are either not appearing or the entire jersey has the incorrect color scheme in NHL 22. Plus, the logos also seem to be missing.

The Game Freezes

NHL 22 freezes randomly for a few seconds and then resumes. However, sometimes the game even crashes after freezing. The game sometimes remains frozen and you’ll have to restart the game.

NHL 22 Game Settings not Saved

Players are unable to save their game settings in NHL 22. Whenever you change any settings – like the camera settings – the game refuses to save it. Instead, it either gives an error or the changes get reset.

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