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NHL 18 update 1.06 brings fixes and improvements


NHL 18 update 1.06 is now rolling out on PS4 and Xbox One. The latest NHL 18 1.06 update includes minor bug fixes and game improvements. Recently, NHL 18 Tuner update 1.03 was also released which disabled the Quick Goalie Swap in HUT to prevent a desync.

The previous major update added support for Xbox One X with 4K resolution. In addition, the NHL 18 update also added a new Daily Free pack containing a mix of items which could include contracts, coins, collectibles, club items, or players.

NHL 18 Update 1.06 Changelog (Updated)

  • Bug fixes and game improvements

Update: A new Roster Update is also now available. Read More details here.

NHL 18 1.06 Patch Notes Updatecrazy

NHL 18 Tuner 1.02

Pokechecking Balance:

  • Increased the penalty to accuracy as you are spamming pokecheck
  • Increased impact of error as the relative speed between the puck and the player is higher


  • Adjusted goalie save logic so that it is more forgiving. Goalies reaction time vs the time it takes for the puck to get to them is still the biggest factor and goalies will still have the most success when in great position (center of their chest in line with the shot trajectory) and less success the more they have to reach from their body for the puck.
NHL 18 version 1.06

The official NHL 18 1.06 patch notes are not available yet. We’ll update the article with the official NHL 18 patch notes asap.


Check your game update and download the latest NHL 18 update 1.06 on your PS4 and Xbox One.

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