Neverwinter update 9.21 Patch Notes for PS4 – June 22, 2021


Neverwinter update 9.21 for PS4 is now available for download. According to the official Neverwinter 9.21 patch notes, the latest update added a new event, changes, and improvements.

In addition, the Neverwinter version 9.21 patch also includes various bug fixes as well as stability and performance improvements.

Check out more details below.


Neverwinter PS4 update 9.21 patch notes

Events: Celebration of Lliira

  • Barbecued Meat has been removed from the Celebration of Lliira collection, as we don’t consistently put food in Collections.
  • “Light Up the Night” no longer shows up as an event, as the fireworks display is now handled in a different way.
  • Professional Fireworks now drop more frequently from enemies.
  • (More information on this year’s event updates will be available in a later news post.)

Enemies and Encounters

Vault of Stars

  • The Prince of Frost should no longer be able to turn at the last split-second when charging an attack with a warning zone.

Items and Economy


  • Bounties: The drop rates for companion equipment have been increased.
  • Sharandar Heroic Encounters should no longer incorrectly drop Infernal Scrap.
  • The Eladrin’s Senses power should now properly grant players extra Campaign Currencies when completing Sharandar HEs.


  • Consumables: Lightwine was changed from increasing Awareness and Movement Speed based on level to now increasing Forte and Movement Speed by 5%. Duration remains unchanged.
  • Midnight’s Grips: The icon for this item now properly matches its in-game appearance.

User Interface

Zen Market

  • The banner for the Ensorcelled Lockbox now properly depicts the Feywild Griffon rather than the Siege Bear.

Character Art



  • Garb of the Gloaming Court: The pants no longer clip through the boots.
  • Summer Court fashion should now display correctly on characters of all genders and races.