Patch Notes

Neverwinter update 5.50 for PS4 Released, Read What’s New & Fixed


Neverwinter update 5.50 for PS4 is now available for download. According to the official Neverwinter 5.50 patch notes, the new update has added a new zone (Barovia), a new campaign (Ravenloft), a new dungeon (Castle Ravenloft), and more. In addition, the Neverwinter version 5.50 patch also includes various bug fixes as well as stability and performance improvements. Check out more details below.

Neverwinter update 5.50 for PS4 Changelog


New Zone: Barovia



New Campaign: Ravenloft


New Dungeon: Castle Ravenloft

Reimagined Hunt Experience


Astral Diamond Refinement Changes


Loot Experience Update


Updated Bonus RP Event


Quest Path Improvements


Random Queues

Level Scaling Adjustments

Content and Environment


  • A new Leaderboard season is now active.
  • Campfires in Rothé Valley can now properly be used to swap loadouts.
  • Neverdeath Graveyard: Dragon Attack: Party members can now properly leave the instance once it’s complete.
  • Fiery Pit: Rocks Fall: Reinforcements now run in to this Heroic Encounter rather than simply spawning.
  • Lonelywood: The quest path can now properly lead to one of the Untapped Resource nodes.
  • Maze Engine: Depths of Madness: Linu La’neral now consistently goes prone when reduced to zero HP.
  • No Crevice Untouched: The second campfire in this instance now properly allows respawns.
  • Protector’s Enclave: The Foundry door near the marketplace has moved across the street, as Lord Neverember has claimed the property on some legal pretext or another.
  • Soshenstar: A scrying stone and sahha ball are no longer stuck behind collision.
  • The “2x Seals” event no longer mentions retired Seals.
  • Various items that grant Lore entries on pickup now properly do so when accepted from the mail or account shared bank.
  • Various typos and text-VO inconsistencies have been addressed or improved.
  • Various objects have had their collision adjusted. Player-facing changes should be minimal.

Dungeons, Skirmishes, and Trials

  • The required item level for the skirmish “Merchant Prince’s Folly” has been reduced to 9,000, down from 10,000.
  • Cradle of the Death God: Acererak no longer talks over himself when Cry of the Atropal occurs.
  • Tiamat: Defeating Tiamat’s final head no longer requires players to wait for it to animate its retreat before giving victory credit.
  • Tomb of the Nine Gods: During the Avatar of Orcus fight, zombies no longer have a chance to escape the arena.


  • The names of the Campaign Currency events have been shortened to “2x Currency: [Campaign]”

Combat and Powers


  • Elvish Fury: The tooltip for the buff icon now properly says 135 power instead of 20 power.
  • Elvish Fury: This boon now properly lasts 45 seconds to match its tooltip, down from 60 seconds.

Classes and Balance

  • Great Weapon Fighter
    • Spinning Strike: The rank 4 version of this power should now correctly increase movement speed.
    • The stamina bar no longer has a chance to become stuck.
  • Guardian Fighter
    • Bull’s Charge no longer sends enemies prone in PvP. PvE functionality is unchanged.
  • Hunter Ranger
    • Piercing Blades: Now deals damage based on post-mitigation damage instead of pre-mitigation damage.
  • Scourge Warlock
    • The stamina bar no longer has a chance to become stuck.
  • Trickster Rogue
    • Shadow of Demise now deals 75% of the damage that triggered it as a 5-second Damage over Time (DoT) effect.
    • When Shadow of Demise ends, it now deals 75% of the damage dealt over its duration, increased from 50%. However, this value is now calculated based on mitigated damage, rather than damage before mitigation. As a result, compared to before, Shadow of Demise deals less damage against enemies with high damage reduction, and more damage against enemies with low damage reduction.
    • Shadowborn: This feat now provides a bonus of 7/14/21/28/35% on your next strike after stealth, increased from 5/10/15/20/25%.
    • Smoke Bomb: This power’s CC now works with diminishing returns in PvP.

Enchantments and Enhancements

  • In an effort to make weapon enchantments simpler to understand and to make their tooltips more accurate, we’ve updated the damage values of certain weapon enchantments.
    • Weapon enchantments that added additional percentages of damage to a player’s attacks have been adjusted to match their tooltips.
      • Many weapon enchantment damage percentages had been modified by the speed of the power.
      • This modifier has been removed, and the net result should be negligible or a slight increase in some cases for these weapon enchantments.
    • Affected enchantments include: Terror, Lightning, Lifedrinker, Holy Avenger, Frost, Flaming, Feytouched, Dread, Bronzewood and Bilethorn.
  • Thunderhead Enchantment: Stun duration changed to be 2.5 seconds for ranks 7/8/9/10/11.
  • Thunderhead Enchantment: Stun duration changed to 3 seconds for ranks 12/13.
  • Thunderhead Enchantment: Rank 13 has had its chance to proc increased to 55% (up from 50%).
  • Thunderhead Enchantment: Fixed an issue where the Sparks portion of Ranks 11/12/13 did not properly have an Internal Cooldown.
  • Thunderhead Enchantment: Internal Cooldown of Sparks reduced to 2 seconds (down from 10 seconds).
  • Thunderhead Enchantment: Fixed an issue where this could proc multiple times in a row.
  • Thunderhead Enchantment: Fixed an issue where this could deal damage twice to enemies in close proximity.

Item Powers

  • Batiri Shaman Mask: This item’s effect now has a 100% chance to trigger and has an internal cooldown of 3 minutes.
  • Boots of the Alpha: This item’s effect now has a 100% chance to trigger and has an internal cooldown of 45 seconds.
  • Cambist’s Gauntlets: This item’s effect now has a 10 second internal cooldown, and the coin cost is now 5 silver, increased from 3 silver 50 copper.
  • Chitters’ Fangs can no longer multi-proc before its internal cooldown sets in.
  • Demon Lords’ Immortality: This set bonus’ effect now properly buffs all powers used by the equipped player. (Note: this does not include companion powers.)
  • Item powers and artifact powers now more consistently go on cooldown if animation-cancelled after the powers take effect.
  • Lord Roy’s Jerkin now has an icon for its buff.
  • Mane of the Manticore can no longer multi-proc before its internal cooldown sets in.


  • The Dragonborn trait tooltip now properly states that it boosts Critical Strike, not Critical Severity. The functionality has not been changed.

Enemies and Encounters


  • Omu: The Tyrant now vomits more consistently. Gross.
  • Throne of the Dwarven Gods: Thoon Hulks are now immune to crowd control while using their charge power.

Items and Economy


  • +5 gear from Illusionist’s Gambit now have an Offense slot instead of an Overload slot. Overload Enchantments that were slotted into this gear will be mailed back to the character who owned them.
  • Adorable Pocket Pet: This item can no longer be unequipped while it is on cooldown.
  • Bag of Holes is now in the “Miscellaneous” Auction House category.
  • Decanter of Atropal Essence, when awarded in Cradle of the Death God, is now Bind on Equip.
  • Draconic Guises: These items have had their stats increased to better match similar dungeon rewards.
  • Merchant Prince’s Folly now drops the companion and mount significantly less frequently.
  • Power Points can no longer be gained after the character already has 124 of them.
  • Relic Armor and Restoration items have been removed from the Seals store, and moved instead to the Storm King’s Thunder campaign store. In the move, the costs of Restoration items have been adjusted.
  • Seals of the Brave are now awarded instead of Seals of the Protector.
  • Seals of the Brave no longer have a weekly cap.
  • Strongholds: The Barracks now uses Adventurer’s Shards of Power rather than Conquerer’s Shards of Power.
  • Vivified Primal Armor: The item level of this gear has been raised to 535, increased from 510.
  • Trade Bar Store: Nightmare Gear now costs 65 Trade Bars, increased from 5.


  • Apocalypse Dagger: This artifact is now part of a new set bonus.
  • Blood Crystal Raven Skull: This artifact is now part of a new set bonus.
  • Thayan Book of the Dead: This artifact is now part of a new set bonus.

Zen Market

  • Knox’s Adventure Recruitment Order has been changed to Knox’s Veteran Recruitment Order. Characters created through this order will be outfitted with improved gear and more campaign completion tokens.
  • Retrain Token purchases have been reduced in price. See “Character Sheet – Retrain” in the UI notes below.
  • The Uncommon-quality mounts that were removed from the Zen Market can now properly be reclaimed from the Zen Market if they had previously been purchased.

User Interface


  • All occurrences of “Attributes” have been updated to “Ability Scores” to properly match D&D terminology.
  • The game now handles switched controllers better if the switch happens while the game is out of focus.
  • The login screen has updated music.
  • The Scoreboard UI no longer wraps huge amounts of damage around to a negative number. If numbers get too high, it caps.
  • The “Uncommon” (Green) quality color is now a little darker to improve readability on light backgrounds such as the Quest Journal.
  • Various cosmetic fixes have been made to an assortment of interface elements.

Astral Diamond Changes

  • The Shared Bank can now store refined Astral Diamonds. Any character on an account can deposit or withdraw from this bank.
  • The individual character limit on refining Raw Astral Diamonds has been removed, and instead, there is now an account-wide cap of 100,000 Astral Diamonds refined per day.

Auction House

  • The green triangle now correctly only appears on the column that’s being used to sort.


  • Companion Upgrade Tokens can now be deposited into and withdrawn from the Shared Bank.

Character Select

  • The Character Select screen has been updated. Characters can now be sorted, and one character can be marked as a “main.”


  • Campaign rewards now show a banner of the quality of the reward, rather than always being blue-quality.

Character Sheet

  • Boon categories now highlight if the character has unspent Boon Points in that category.
  • Interacting with an empty spot in the Mounts tab now opens the mount selection menu.
  • The Powers tab no longer flashes on any screen when the player has maxed-out Power Points.
  • Weapon and Armor Enhancements can now have their visual effects disabled.

Character Sheet – Retrain

  • All occurrences of “respec” in the game have been changed to “retrain” for consistency. Sadly, this will result in our autocorrect giving us a little less respect.
  • Powers, Feats, Ability Scores, and Boons are now retrained separately.
  • In addition, individual boon trees can be retrained separately.
  • When retraining Feats, Boons, or Ability Scores, the interface now leaves the points where they had previously been spent, allowing for easier individual tweaks.
    • Players who want to start fresh can do so by switching character sheet categories or closing and reopening the interface after initiating the retrain.
  • Astral Diamond costs to retrain at level 70 are 60,000 AD for each category, or 10,000 for a single boon tree.
  • Retrain Tokens are now priced at 100 Zen, down from 300.
    • Players who already possess purchased Retrain Tokens will be granted two additional tokens for each that they own.
  • Retrain Tokens are now tracked in the Wealth tab of the inventory, if the character has any available.
  • When removing lower-tier Feat Points that have been applied but not committed, the interface will now display a prompt to automatically remove any higher-tier Feat Points rather than simply telling the player that they cannot.


  • The right stick now consistently scrolls the details pane, regardless of whether the category list or details pane has focus.

Convert RP

  • Equipment no longer shows a “compare to equipped” tooltip when selecting gear for RP conversion.


  • The guild activity log now properly shows join messages after a related player has left the guild.

Home Page

  • The Home Page has been overhauled to be more clearly useful for event awareness and in-game feature information.
  • When playing for the first time after a long break, players will have the option to teleport a character back to a safe area so they can catch up on changes to the game.


  • The “Set Loot Mode” option now always appears on your portrait’s context menu.
  • The “You are taking damage!” warning now only displays if the player character is in combat.


  • When inspecting companions, equipped gear now consistently displays.
  • When inspecting companions, the level requirement for certain slots is no longer inaccurate.

Journal and Quest Tracker

  • The Journal now shows the number of party members who are on a given quest.
  • The Journal now shows which quest the party leader has selected, if they have manually selected a quest to show the Quest Path.
  • If the Quest Path is locked to an instance’s quest, the quest tracker will now consistently show the Quest Path indicator when appropriate.
  • While in a group, the player can now direct their Quest Path individually.
  • Quests are no longer automatically shared with party members when trying to set a Quest Path.


  • If the player has written text into the Body field, attempting to close the Mail window will cause a confirmation prompt to appear.

Main Menu

  • The Inventory selection no longer shows an alert if the player has an unopened Adventurer’s Reward (level-up) box in their inventory.


  • The “Leader Decides” loot style is now available for use.

PvP Leaderboard

  • Viewing historical matches in Armories of Moradin now properly shows names and icons of players.
  • When there’s only one visible page under the Standings heading, the pagination button icons are now disabled.


  • If a player is in a queue with one character, then logs on with a different character, the initial character is now removed from the queue.
    • This removal can potentially incur a leaver penalty if leaving that queue normally would do the same thing.
    • This change should not affect Private Queues.
  • Random Queues no longer show the number of players in the queue until everyone has responded.
  • The Leaver penalty now affects an entire account, rather than just the character who left.
  • Vote Kick no longer becomes stuck under certain circumstances, such as kicking offline players.


  • When messages pop up after converting an item to RP, they no longer refer to the previous refinement action’s RP value.

Zen Market

  • Coupons that give 100% off items that go into the inventory now explicitly state that items gained this way will be bound to account.
  • The Zen Market now properly closes when a loading screen appears.

Art, Animation, and Effects

Character Art

  • Brown-furred werewolves no longer have a seam and mismatching gray feet.
  • Chitters’ Fangs no longer clip into certain characters’ heads.
  • Energon: This companion now has a slightly more readable portrait.
  • Pilgrim and Tyrant shields no longer clip into Guardian Fighters’ arms.
  • Neverwinter 5.50 for PS4 added various clipping and skinning issues have been addressed.

Visual Effects

  • Certain chain lightning effects now show less complex visuals for players who didn’t cast them. This should improve performance in certain cases.
  • Control Wizard: Icy Terrain: This effect should now play more nicely with other effects, such as dangerous effect indicators.
  • Trickster Rogue: Duelist’s Flurry: This power no longer affects the camera when enemies or summoned companions use it.
  • “Frozen” effects are no longer quite as huge on Undead Demilich and Greater Demilich enemies.
  • Galeb Duhr: This companion’s stone-throwing power no longer hits performance quite as hard as it used to.
  • Scourge Warlock: Tyrannical Threat’s visuals will now appear less complex to players who didn’t cast it. This should improve performance a little bit in cases where multiple Scourge Warlocks are playing at the same time.
  • Spider egg sacs no longer awkwardly fall over when destroyed.



  • The Water Archon companion’s “Wave” appearance is no longer necessarily localized with the same word as the “Wave” emote.
  • For consistency purposes, the Italian translations of “Greater” and “Superior” have been harmonized in the context of Enchanting Stones and Marks of Potency/Power.
    • Greater Marks of Potency (rank 4) are now called  Marchio della potenza maggiore
    • Superior Marks of Potency (rank (5) are now called  Marchio della potenza superiore
    • Greater Marks of Power are now called Marchio del potere maggiore
    • Greater Enchanting Stones are now called Pietra dell’incantamento maggiore
    • Superior Enchanting Stones are now called Pietra dell’incantamento superiore

Performance and Stability


  • Neverwinter update 5.50 for PS4 added various crashes have been addressed.