Neverwinter Nights Update Patch Notes – December 8, 2021

    Neverwinter Nights update is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Neverwinter Nights patch notes, the latest update added various changes and fixes.

    Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Neverwinter Nights patch will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Neverwinter Nights Patch Notes – December 8, 2021


    • Apple M1: Fixed audio crackle when decoding mp3 files, including voiceovers.
    • Pathfinding: Fixed a case where pathing was bailed on too early, resulting in incorrect behaviour that was regressed in the previous patch.
    • Facelift tilesets tts02 tcm02: Addressed various texture and model issues.
    • ResMan: Fixed two memleaks where it wouldn’t release loaded data instances.
    • Renderer: Minor fixes to animation start consistency.
    • Renderer: Fixed animated skinmesh parts going out of sync/being one frame behind.
    • Renderer: Fixed rough surfaces having a milky sheen at some viewing aspects, especially when using height maps.

    QoL Improvements

    • Game: Disable ctrl-drag selection box on clients when server.player-party-control is off (the default). Note that clients will have to reconnect if you toggle this setting while a game is up.
    • NWSync: Repositories are now collapsible in the main UI view; this state is remembered in settings.tml.
    • NWSync: Module versions can now hold a localalias field that is used to backreference for StartNewModule(“originalfilename”).
    • NWSync: Better support for repository-side statistics.
    • NWSync: Hide modules, campaigns and adverts with empty name labels.
    • NWSync: Don’t reject repository.json if advert buttons have empty labels and URLs.
    • Launch Game UI/Repo Manager: Fixed “Show Advert” checkbox label being cut off.
    • Launch Game UI: Fixed “Advert” panel type displaying a STRREF instead of text when no label is defined in repository.json.

    Scriptable UI

    • Nui: Fixed crash when calling SetGroupLayout() with invalid data.
    • Nui: Fixed scrollbar size for textedit.
    • Nui: Text can now override border and scrollbars properties.
    • Nui: Fixed draw_list scissoring breaking succeeding widget rendering.
    • Nui: Fixed draw_list scissoring leaving a stale scissor on the GL stack for nested widgets.
    • Nui: Fixed entries in a list view not scissoring draw_list correctly when scrolling out of view.
    • Nui: list(): Fixed textedit() widget not working in lists.
    • Nui: list(): Scrollbars now configurable.
    • Nui: list(): Fix spacers not advancing row layout correctly.
    • Nui: Never allow binds to update during construction. This fixes list() array binds degrading to scalar values, among other.
    • Nui: textedit(): Fixed placeholder sometimes rendering on the succeeding widget instead.
    • Nui: textedit(): Fixed range event triggering too often or with wrong values.
    • Nui: Added demo code for spreadsheet UI.
    • Nui: Fixed “list” widget not showing a vertical scrollbar in AUTO mode.
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