Neos VR Update Patch Notes (Official) – Nov 7, 2021

    Neos VR update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Neos VR patch notes, the latest update added brings World saving bug fixes, watchdog mechanism to diagnose lock-ups.

    Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Neos VR patch will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Neos VR Patch Notes – November 7, 2021

    New Features:

    • Added engine watchdog mechanism, which will print out diagnostic information when Neos hardlocks (freezes).– This should significantly help us solving cases of hard freezes and lock-ups

      — If your Neos freezes, leave it running for at least a minute before killing the process and then send us the logs


    • Updated dependencies to latest version (notably SignalR Client)
    • Added diagnostics for stream messages to the watchdog mechanism
    • The watchdog mechanism will now dump the currently processing sync message when Neos is frozen for longer than 30 seconds for diagnostic purposes
    • Stream messages that are older than a few seconds are now thrown away instead of processed, reducing the load on the system during hiccups
    • Add stricter validation for stream message versions– This might potentially fix the random freezing.
    • Add extra diagnostic information to World to the watchdog mechanism
    • Added extra diagnostic information for the watchdog mechanism to help diagnose cases of Neos freezing up.
    • Improved stacktrace capture mechanism for the watchdog mechanism
    • Implemented proper disposal of threading resources when closing a world to avoid holding on system resources for too long
    • Merged Russian locale additions and fixes.
    • Merged English locale fix.
    • Merged Korean locale additions.
    • Merged Japanese locale additions.
    • Merged Czech locale additions.


    • World name, description and tags are now snapshotted synchronously during the save process, preventing the world being closed or changed between saving and generating of record breaking the save process.
    • Improved error handling when saving worlds, to prevent the save process from getting stuck indefinitely and potentially not logging any save errors.
    • Fix last async message encoding throwing exceptions on worlds are just being closed
    • Added extra diagnostic information to failed world saves
    • Added logging information for errors when resolving UDP Punchthrough and Relay URL’s.
    • Fixed world crashing when spawning ToolsFacetPreset in world.
    • Readded accidentally removed Debug button to the Tools Facet Preset.

    Download free Neos VR update for PC (Steam).

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