NBA 2K23 Season 8: Launch Date, Time & New Features

NBA 2K23 Season 8 release date and time has officially been announced. The latest season is set to launch on Friday, June 30th, rolling out across different time zones at 8AM PT, 11AM ET, and 4PM BST. Today a new NBA 2K23 update was released on PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox consoles to add the support the upcoming Season 8.


This new chapter brings a host of improvements and additions to enhance the overall gameplay experience. One of the major highlights of NBA 2K23 Season 8 is the significant upgrades and new content being added to the popular MyTEAM mode. Players can look forward to new challenges, events, and exclusive rewards as they create their ultimate basketball team and compete against others.

  1. Kevin Durant’s Arrival in Phoenix: Kevin Durant joins the Phoenix Suns, signaling a potential golden age for the team. Players can channel Durant’s offensive prowess to earn new rewards.
  2. MyCAREER: The 2022-2023 NBA season has ended, with the Denver Nuggets becoming the NBA Champions. In Season 8, players can climb the rewards ladder by earning XP and unlock new gear, outfits, animations, and Player Banners.
  3. MyTEAM: Season 8 introduces more Invincible and End Game cards than any previous season. Players can add powerful versions of NBA stars to their lineups, including Stephen Curry and Joel Embiid. Completing challenges and earning XP allows players to climb the rewards ladder and acquire extraordinarily powerful cards.
  4. All-Time Spotlight Challenges: By completing these challenges, players can earn Dark Matter cards for various NBA players, including Bill Russell, Rookie of the Year Paolo Banchero, and Kevin Durant.
  5. The W Online: The WNBA mode, The W, offers electrifying rewards such as the Stewie 1 Shoe Card. Weekly and seasonal rewards are available for players to earn.
  6. Apparel Drops and Partnerships: Season 8 features fresh apparel drops and partnerships with brands like OVO, Crocs, Gallery Department, Marathon, Eastside Golf, Daily Paper x Dreamville, Palm Angels, and more.

Unlocking player cards, exploring new challenges, and collecting unique rewards will offer an enriched and engaging experience, pushing players to showcase their skills on the virtual court.

Apart from gameplay enhancements, official sources will keep players updated with the latest news and announcements leading up to the launch.


When is the NBA 2K23 Season 8 release date and time?

NBA 2K23 Season 8 is set to be launched on Friday, June 30th, at 8AM PT, 11AM ET, and 4PM BST.

What can players expect from the NBA 2K23 Season 8 launch?

Season 8 of NBA 2K23 will introduce several enhancements to the gameplay, particularly in the MyTEAM mode, including new challenges, events, and exclusive rewards.

How can players prepare for the NBA 2K23 Season 8 launch?

Players should keep an eye on the official NBA 2K social media channels and the game’s website for any new information or updates. Also, they should gather their teammates and fine-tune their strategies for the upcoming season.

What new features will be introduced in NBA 2K23 Season 8?

NBA 2K23 Season 8 will feature several new gameplay elements, including exclusive rewards, unlockable player cards, and new challenges, especially in the MyTEAM mode.

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