NBA 2K21 Update 1.05 Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One


NBA 2K21 update 1.05 is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One players. The official NBA 2K21 update 1.05 patch notes are not available yet, however, players are reporting gameplay improvements and fixes. Apart from this, NBA 2K21 version 1.05 also includes stability improvements.

Previously, a big update released with various fixes for MyTEAM, MyPLAYER, MyCAREER, and more.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing several issues when trying to play the game online. NBA 2K21 version 1.04 will fix a few of these issues.


Recently, the game was released with new features, changes, and a free upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series X. The game also receives mostly positive reviews from the critics.

NBA 2K21 1.05 Patch Notes (Updating)

  • Added support for PS5 and Xbox Series X.
  • Added various game crashing issues.
  • Added general stability improvements.
  • Overall gameplay optimizations.
  • Network connections improvements.
  • Other under the hood fixes.

The following fixes were added recently.

Adjustments to make set screen movement more realistic.


Fixed content holes that led to inconsistent side step pull-up jump shots.

Fixed some issues where MyPLAYER doesn’t win over new fans after certain in-game achievements.

Fixed a hang that could have happened when exiting MyCOURT after playing a 2v2 or 3v3 game in MyCOURT.



Addressed a bug where the incorrect logo may appear from downloading other user’s save via the new Save Sharing feature.

Addressed a hang that was occurring in Play WNBA or NBA Today after being in WNBA Season mode.


Download free NBA 2K21 update 1.05 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.