Naval Action Update Patch Notes – October 22, 2021


Naval Action update 0.5.1 (Oct 22, 2021) released on PC (Steam). According to the official Naval Action patch notes, the latest update brings speed nerfs, vessels base speeds changes, and more.

Recently, a big update was released with various quality of life changes.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues. Today’s Naval Action patch will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


Naval Action Patch Notes (October 22, 2021)

Long awaited speed nerfs have finally arrived.

Speed is now determined by a ship class and because the game is balanced for light breeze light ships should be faster than heavy vessels with almost any fitting. Rated ships of the line will no longer zoom at 16-17 knots and turn better than frigates. Even when fully buffed they will be not faster than average frigate. Frigates will also no longer sail 22 knots.

Several changes were applied

Base speeds for all vessels have been changed.
  • 1st rates now sail around 8-8.5 knots
  • 2nd rates 8,5-9.5 knots
  • 3rd rates 9.5-10.5 knots
  • 4th rates 10.5-11.5 knots
  • 5-7 rates 12-13 knots
Permanent upgrades speed bonuses were generally reduced
  • Naval Clock 2%
  • Navy Hull Refit 2%
  • Copper plating 1.75%
  • Improved Sextant 1.5%
  • Light planking 1.6%
  • Basic quadrant 1%
  • Crooked Hull Refit 1.50%
  • Bovenwinds Refit 1.50%
  • Cotton Sails 1.5%
Books speed bonuses were generally reduced.
  • Art of Ship Handling 1.50%
  • Art of Cargo Distribution 1.00%
  • Navy Loodsman Reports 1.00%
  • Trim – speed 4-5 0.50%
  • Trim – speed 1-3 0.50%
  • Trim – speed 6-7 0.50%
  • Ballast Tuning 1-3 0.30%
  • Ballast Tuning 4-5 0.30%
  • Ballast Tuning 6-7 0.30%
Massive nerfs to speed bonuses for all wood types were applied.
  • Teak, Oak has lost almost all speed bonuses
  • Softwoods speed bonuses lowered
  • Heavy woods speed penalties were reduced
Other changes
  • Conquest flag added to admiralty for 10,000 doubloons (for science)
  • Drop rate of conquest flag at capital fleets increased
  • Indefatigable is re-classed as 5th rate
  • Constitution/United States is re-classed as 4th rate
New Event
  • New weeklong loot event starts today.
  • 5 upgrades added to loot of ships 5th rank and above
  • These upgrades can also be exchanged in the admiralty as in previous events.