Naval Action December 20 Update Patch Notes – Official

Naval Action December 20 released on PC (Steam). According to the official Naval Action patch notes, the latest update added new contents, changes, improvements, and fixes.

Recently, a big update was released with various quality of life changes.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues. Today’s Naval Action patch will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.

Naval Action Patch Notes (December 20, 2021)

New content

  • Bravery perk: Bravery perk has been added to the game. The perk represents improvement of crew performance in dangerous conditions if you are outnumbered in battle. Outnumbered means your side has lower total BR (2x) than total BR than the enemy.
  • Search: PVP perk that increases drop of upgrades from sinking enemy player ships by +1.
  • New upgrade: John Hancock Clock – increasing open world speed. The upgrade will drop from events or will be gifted to all players on special occasions.
  • Universal upgrades: Some upgrades have been reclassified as universal. This means that you now can install several upgrades from the same group if the upgrade is classified as universal. Some upgrades (mainly muskets for boarding) stats had to be lowered as a result. This is a major change and might require additional balancing. The change was needed to provide more options for new forthcoming events loot. Please report your findings on unbalanced combinations in Discord or on Steam forums.

Changes and improvements

  • Open world speed has been increased by 5% more.
  • Wood tweaks with slight increase of parameters (mainly speed) of rare woods based on player’s feedback. Please report your findings and feedback in discord or on steam forums
  • NPCs in Patrol zones: NPC ships that operate in patrols will now have fleets that will help PVE players to get more targets in the patrol zones. Number of NPCs operating in patrol zones has also been increased.
  • Wind changes – Long term wind changes in battles now happen after 18 mins (instead of 15 minutes) and happen slightly faster (over 5 mins – instead of old 8 mins). We understand this could be a controversial change – please report your feedback asap in Discord or on Steam forums.
  • Leopard max gun calibers have been increased by +1 level.
  • Admiralty store now supports multiple item exchange which will allow more options for PVE events loot.
  • Wind shadow indicator has been added – which will show if you are currently in the wind shadow from another ship.
  • Ship notes from events now weigh 3x less to allow you to loot more of them or get more loot in general
  • Deadman chest event indicator will now disappear from the map when the event has finished. Last chest looted message was added to the game.
  • Fixed bug where NPC ships chose wrong direction to follow you if you were going backwards.
  • Important: This patch might reset your saved keyboard bindings, please check your control set up in game options before venturing out of port.

Important changes in boarding.

  • Bugs with NPC parameters for boarding fixed.
  • Slight tweaks to boarding parameters for players and mods – link to changes and expected results from combat can be found in discord announcements
  • Marines knowledge book changed. Removed all additional bonuses (as marines had bonuses themselves) and added preparation per round bonus to all books instead.
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